An excruciating pain fills my body. I was trying to move my arm, but with no success. I was slowly losing consciousness. The last thing I heard before eternal darkness surrounded me was: ”Oh no! She is bleeding! She is bleeding! Someone needs to call an ambulance now! ”.

”Am I dead? Is it over so soon? ” I asked myself.

”Not yet. Please follow the corridor. I will explain everything once you are here. ” a weird voice replies.

Once the barely illuminated hallway appeared, I could see my body. It looked just the same. I started going down the hallway, exactly how the voice told me to do, and at the end was a big white door. I grabbed the handle of the door and opened it in a hurry. I entered through that door, and a bright light came to my face and blinded me. For a few seconds, I was not able to move. I felt how someone grabbed my hand and helped me move from that spot.

”Please open your eyes. ” a warm female voice told me.

I listened to her and slowly reopened my eyes. The moment I saw her, I remained speechless. Her beauty was something out of this world. She had very long dark-brown hair and a pair of abyssal black eyes. Her face was round-shaped with a small button nose and big dark-rose lips, but one thing that caught my attention for a couple of seconds were her very long and full eyelashes.

”Where am I? Who are you? ” I asked.

”My name is Lavaress, and I am here to help you understand what happened to you. I am your higher self. ”

”So I am dead, isn it? ”

” Yes and no at the same time. You are in a deep coma. A car crashed into you while you were coming back from your office. Now you are at the hospital. Look, this is what is going on on Terra right now, ” she said.

With one movement of her hand, she made a screen appear in thin air. I could see myself lying in a hospital bed and a couple of devices connected to me. I was looking pretty bad. I saw my mom crying next to me, and that broke my heart.

”How can I come back? ” I asked Lavaress.

”You can . At least not right now. But don worry, one year in here equals one minute on Terra. You were invoked in the astral plane because you have unfinished business. ”

”Me? How comes? ”

” I mean we. When you are on Terra, I am there with you. Now that you are here, you can absorb all my kno

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