An excruciating pain fills my body. I was trying to move my arm, but with no success. I was slowly losing consciousness. The last thing I heard before eternal darkness surrounded me was: ”Oh no! She is bleeding! She is bleeding! Someone needs to call an ambulance now! ”.

”Am I dead? Is it over so soon? ” I asked myself.

”Not yet. Please follow the corridor. I will explain everything once you are here. ” a weird voice replies.

Once the barely illuminated hallway appeared, I could see my body. It looked just the same. I started going down the hallway, exactly how the voice told me to do, and at the end was a big white door. I grabbed the handle of the door and opened it in a hurry. I entered through that door, and a bright light came to my face and blinded me. For a few seconds, I was not able to move. I felt how someone grabbed my hand and helped me move from that spot.

”Please open your eyes. ” a warm female voice told me.

I listened to her and slowly reopened my eyes. The moment I saw her, I remained speechless. Her beauty was something out of this world. She had very long dark-brown hair and a pair of abyssal black eyes. Her face was round-shaped with a small button nose and big dark-rose lips, but one thing that caught my attention for a couple of seconds were her very long and full eyelashes.

”Where am I? Who are you? ” I asked.

”My name is Lavaress, and I am here to help you understand what happened to you. I am your higher self. ”

”So I am dead, isn it? ”

” Yes and no at the same time. You are in a deep coma. A car crashed into you while you were coming back from your office. Now you are at the hospital. Look, this is what is going on on Terra right now, ” she said.

With one movement of her hand, she made a screen appear in thin air. I could see myself lying in a hospital bed and a couple of devices connected to me. I was looking pretty bad. I saw my mom crying next to me, and that broke my heart.

”How can I come back? ” I asked Lavaress.

”You can . At least not right now. But don worry, one year in here equals one minute on Terra. You were invoked in the astral plane because you have unfinished business. ”

”Me? How comes? ”

” I mean we. When you are on Terra, I am there with you. Now that you are here, you can absorb all my knowledge, and we will become one. You will be me, and I will be you. ”

” Wait … What? ” I asked confused.

” I am afraid we don have time to explain more than this to you. Please touch me and you will know everything you want and need. ”

The moment she grabbed me and hugged me, I felt how a flux of energy started to flow in my veins. My body started to change and to take Lavaresss appearance. Plenty of memories flourished in my brain. From that moment on, I was no longer Nirvana, I was Lavaress, the demon of pain and seduction, and I had to go back from the realm I ran away from.

With a move of my hand, I opened a portal to my home from what people call Hell, yet demons call it Daath. I teleported to the middle of my temple. Everything was exactly how I remembered, cold and grim. The walls of the temple were made of black stone. The only thing that lightened the space was the candles placed on the walls and the ground. In the back of the room, my throne was waiting for my return. As I sat down on it, a voice from the left corner of the room made its presence known.

”Well, well look is back! I can bet that the Lord was waiting for your return just to punish you. Hahahaha! ”

”Don be too sure, not even I can predict the future of immortals, Beelzebub, ” I said with a smirk on my face.

” I bet His Majesty is awaiting you to make you His slave. Ahahhaha! ”

”What a welcoming coming back! I am glad to see you too, Beelzebub. Now I have to go, to see what that prick wants, before being dragged by his armies out of my Temple. ” I said while I was slowly moving to the gates.

Outside, the sky was bright red, something that I never saw before. It used to be so similar to Terra. Everything was wonderful and welcoming for the souls of humans. It was nothing like the Bible stated on Terra. But that sky, I have to say, looked frightening even for me. The nature was dead, nothing like I remembered. It was truly sad to witness such a change. I could feel in the air the tension. I knew I was awaited by Him. I was not looking forward to meeting him again. His ego is something that no one can put up with.

As I was walking through the garden of my temple I heard His voice calling for me. My blood ran cold and I froze in place.

”Lavaress, that is so unexpected to see you here. ”

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