I slowly turned around and saw the majestic and beautiful, but familiar face. It has been millions of years since Ive last seen Him. I can see that his beauty never faded away. It was not a surprise, since he was the Lord of that realm.

” I can say I am happy to see you again, ” I bluntly replayed while staring into his deep blue eyes.

”I can see you still hold a grudge against me, my dear Lavaress. ” He said while slowly approaching me.

”Grudge? I despise you for killing my parents in that stupid war against the Archangels! ”

”I didn kill them, the Archangels did! So why don you put all that hatred into killing them? ” he said while he lifted my face and stared directly into my eyes.

I could feel my legs getting weaker and weaker. He had this effect on me and I despised it. I had to do something, or else I would have been just another prey for him. I pushed his hand away and took a few steps back to regain my senses.

”Lucifer, I think you shall stop those games between you and me. I am getting tired of them. You are getting old, Lord. ”

”Hahaha…I can see Human World did not change you at all. I am still impressed that you don fall like the others, ” he said with an evil smirk.

” I am sorry that I am not like all the other succubus that would kill each other to have a night with you. You are truly something else. So why you brought me here? ”

” The Archangels are trying their luck with humans. I guess we are not the only ones that they despise. And since you ran away with no prior warning and let the Daath burn, I would say it is time to repay your debt. ”

” So you decided to put me in a deep comma… How wonderful of you! ” I said while I tucked one of my rebel strains of hair behind my ear.

”I could have directly killed you, and you would have remained stuck here forever. I would say you shall thank me for my kindness. ”

” Haha.. Very funny, my Lord. Your jokes are like salt in the coffee. The coffee might wake you up from being drunk but doesn taste good. So, what is the plan? ”

” I am afraid we can talk here about this, demons are listening and we can trust all of them, ” he said while getting closer and closer to me.

He grabbed my waist, lifted me in the air, and caught me in his arms. Our faces were only inches apart. I felt his breath tingling my skin. I didn despise the sensation, but I knew that this feeling was only because of his appearance. A couple of seconds later, he spread his wings and flew in the direction of his castle. I didn speak a word the whole time. I tried to distract myself by enjoying the scenery, but no luck. Everything looked dead. But the question was, why did everything change so much?

”I didn know you enjoyed being in my arms so much. We arrived, ” Lucifer said with a big smirk on his face.

” You would wish, my Lord. Wishes are deceiving. ” I replied while I was pulling away from his embrace.

In front of me was his majestic castle built of stones of varying sizes and shapes, each one unique. As you entered, there was a big garden that you had to pass through to arrive at the main entrance. I remember that this garden was always green and full of flowers, but for some reason, that wasn longer the case.

”My Lord, welcome back. Shall I tell the maids to prepare the bath for you? ” a valet came and asked.

”No, Gerov, but I would like the conference room to be ready. ”

”And who is this lad… ” the valet completely froze when he saw me. I guess he remembered me after all.

”Gerov, please, don have a panic attack like the mortals. I came back, but I can assure you, I won stay long. I am truly glad to see that Lucifer didn decapitate you just for fun. ” I said while moving forward to the entrance.

”Yes, my Lady Lavaress! Understood! Please let me know if you need anything. I will do my best to provide. ”

After passing through the large carved door, a huge corridor spread out in front of me. In front of me, right in the center, was a staircase that lead up to the rooms upstairs. Everything was in baroque style from the walls and floors to the furniture. It was clear that Lucifer liked the combination of gold and bright colors, especially gold and white.

”Follow me, in case you forgot where the meeting room is. It should be done and clean by now. ” Lucifer said while taking my hand and dragging me after him.

”I think I can walk, and I know where the room is, ” I said while pulling my hand away.

I walked quickly in front of him, turned left into another hallway, then right. When I opened the door, I was surprised to see a nearly naked succubus sitting on top of the round table, waiting for someone who was clearly not me. The moment she saw me, her facial expression changed drastically.

”Who are you? ” she asked. It was clear that the succubus was a new one since she did not recognize me.

” That is none of your business. ” I bluntly said.

”If I would tell the Lord… ” she didn have the chance to answer because Lucifer cut her short ”One more wrong word and you will be sent to prison. Next time when you see Her, you shall better run, or else I would personally cut your throat. Now, get out of this room! ”

After 3 seconds she ran out of the room faster than a frightened rabbit. Ive never seen such an angry side of Lucifer. At least I have never experienced anything like this. I grabbed a chair and sat down and started nagging about what had happened.

” She was definitely ready for something, ” I said while I tried not to laugh.

”I am a man with a lot of needs, ” he said while he poured a glass of whiskey for himself. Then he added while looking at me: ”Wine? ”.

”Sure. I really need some. ”

After he passed me the glass of wine, he sat down in front of me and said:

”Now we shall start with serious matters, shall we? ”

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