and how society was affected by their intrusion. Governments do believe that the spirits did disturb Greece society as they feed on the souls of the living. They don believe that they originated from Pandoras box.

Throughout history, there have been no signs of gods or creatures. The governments don believe that spirits originated from Pandoras box. The one thing they do know is that spirits exist. While some of them are weak, there are others that are strong. Regardless of their strength, they still take the lives of humans.

For a spirit to be on school grounds is disastrous. Every student knows they could lose their very lives. They don know, the only thing they could do is ask. The silent atmosphere that Mr. Veil had caused was pierced by a students voice.

”Mr. Veil, is there a spirit nearby? ”

MV- ”The Zenith agency has just arrived. Get under the desks now! ”

Just then the lights went out. A noise similar to a generator could be heard gradually fading. The school had cut the power. Mr. Veil acting terrified now made sense. The Zenith agency is an agency that deals with spirits far beyond the city unions capabilities.

The city union was established by the government to deal with spirits roaming in cities. The spirits that are too much for the union to handle are dealt with by the Zenith agency. An agency that was established not by the government but by the Zenith family. They are in collaboration with the government but aren ordered by government officials.

The students now realized that this could be the day they lose their lives. That thought caused mayhem to occur in the classroom. Students were sobbing and some were texting their parents goodbye. Mr. Veil tried to calm them down to some degree to make them cooperative but failed. From the corner of his eye, he could see Jojo sitting down staring through the window. He didn pay much mind to him until Jojo said something.

J- ”Don you guys want any hope of being able to survive? If you do, then shut the ** up and keep quiet. Keep yapping like that and the spirit will just come here and kill you sooner. ”

Some of the students that were sobbing stopped to look at Jojo while some only cried harder. One boy, in particular though stood up, angry at Jojo. Blonde hair with green eyes, a lucky combination to have looked at Jojo fiercely.

Before he could say anything, a tentacle of darkness stabbed through his forehead. Blood splattered on the ground and some of it landed on a girls skirt. The tentacle retracted back through the wall and the boys body fell to the ground.

The girl whose skirt was now ruined screamed bloody murder. The rest of the students panicked and ran towards the classroom exit.

MV- ”Wait! Where are you going? Stop! ”

It was too late though because the students that had run towards the exit made it into the hallway. What they failed to realize was that the spirit was right there. They had walked towards death and they now reap what they sow. They were cut into pieces.

After seeing the gruesome scene before him, Mr. Veil passed out. Footsteps could be heard outside in the hallway slowly making their way toward the classroom. Jojo couldn be less disturbed and instead decided to light a cigarette.

Seconds felt like minutes as the footsteps got closer to the classroom until they finally stopped. Jojo took out the cigarette from his lips and looked to his right. In the doorway of the classroom stood the spirit.

Long black hair with amber eyes to harmonize with her smooth silky skin. Jojo was surprised that she looked actually human-like. Its rare to find a spirit that has a human body with human features. The higher the rank of the spirit is what determines its appearance. Some famous reports of the spirits that the Zenith agency had slain were online for citizens to see.

The spirits in the reports had human-like features with the addition of black markings across their bodies. The spirit that stood in the entrance of the classroom had no such markings. It looked completely human.

The spirit entered the classroom and looked around. Despite the presence of death near him, Jojo didn feel scared. With the little time he had left, nothing seemed to matter. Jojo kept smoking as if the spirit didn exist.

The spirit took note of this and proceeded to walk to Jojos desk near the window. Jojo stood up and faced the spirit as it stood before him. As of this moment, Jojo was face to face with his classmates killer.

-Author note: Hi! My name is Steven and I am the author of Cursed limits. I wanted to say that this chapter was a bit over the place and this is because I wanted to give introductions to things in the story and went too into depth about it. From now on Im going to try to simplify the introductions to things like Shiden-xs history and etc. Other than that, thank you so much for reading chapter 0. I named it chapter 0 because I wanted to see what I could write on my own. I had the chapter checked and know what I need to work on. Chapter 0 will still be canon to the story. Other than that, Id also like to say that you can expect one chapter a week and maybe extra chapters if I have the time. One chapter a week is always going to be the standard though. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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