The Servant Of The Empire

The mysterious rider

Adnans eyes were forced open, drawn by the sudden silence. As did the other slaves. Everyone wanted to know why it had suddenly become dead silent in the shop.

Adnan raised his head in time to catch a glimpse of the masked rider. Seated gracefully on his horse in the crowd. With a royal emblem on his leather jacket visible in the light of the sun.

The people of the city made way for him. He seemed aloof and indifferent, looking at the slaves on the stage, his eyes trailing over to the owner of the slaves.

The man bowed his head to the rider, he dared not make eye contact for fear of being beheaded or worse. The people gasped at his grandiose stance. His silver shoulder-length hair flattering with the wind, while his deep green eyes scanned his surrounding.

”Whos in charge here, ” a voice cut from steel sounded from the rider. His face hidden away behind the mask, Adnan could only make out his lips, jaw, and nose.

The man had a straight nose, thin red lips, and a masculine jawline. His fine features and vascular frame makes him the center of attention.

He was a sight for the eyes. Even the slaves were delighted to see him, drowning in the elegance of the rider.

The rider however was unfazed by the stares. He alighted from the horse, his feet touched the ground softly without much effort.

The mysterious man casts his gaze over to the cages. For a second his eyes locked with Adnan. Adnan felt as though the man could see right into his soul. He averted his gaze immediately.

The man stared at the man who had his hand raised. ”I take it you are in charge. Lets talk, ” his commanding and powerful presence provoked submission from the seller.

Who quickly gave in to his wishes. They moved inside the tent, away from the eyes of the public where they could talk in private.

”How can I be of service to you, ” the owner spoke with respect towards the man.

”I would like to purchase a slave, ” The man said scanning inside of the tent. He checked for a place to seat and didn quite find one. He was a neatnik, he hated dirty places and the tent hardly passed his standards of cleanliness.

”I have so many of them. How many would you care for? ” the owner inquired.

”Only one, a male, young and untouched, ” he stated being specific about who he wanted. ”He should be clean-cut, one who hasn served anyone before. And is new to everything, ” he added.

”Hold on, ” the owner said getting a few ideas of who the man wanted. He stepped out of the tent and walked into the sector where the cages were placed.

His eyes scanned over his slaves, eying out for the new batch that had arrived the previous day. ”You, you and you, ” he pointed out to three slaves on the cage beside Adnans.

He moved on to the next cage, and continued his selections. Until he reached Adnans cage. ”You, ” he pointed his finger at Adnan. The males heart skipped a beat. His body grew pale and his palm sweaty.

”Keep your head down and always hold your tongue. Avoid making eye contact and try to follow instructions exactly as they are given, ” the old man whispered instructions to him. Adnan nodded in understanding.

”Thank you, ” he mouthed to the old man.

The owners men stepped forward and removed the slaves that were pointed out. Adnan was dragged out of the cage. He shared a look with the old man, taking him in. The one comfort that life gave him before he was dragged away.

The nine young men were pulled into the tent and paraded before the mysterious rider. Adnan followed the guidelines that the old man gave him and kept his head down and his eyes cast to the ground.

He didn wish to offend anyone.

”These nine match the description you mentioned, ” the owner informed the rider.

The man shot his gaze at the nine slaves before him. He eyed them each from head to toe, taking in all their features. ”Raise your heads, ” he ordered.

The boys slowly raised their heads. Adnan trembled. He lifted his head avoiding eye contact with the rider. The man took in their facial features one by one.

His eyes lingered longer on Adnan.Taking him in frame by frame as though capturing his image permanently in his mind. The rider took out a path from his waist and threw it at Adnans feet. ”Him, ” he said.

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