The year was 1526 and it was a full moon in Staffordshire County, West Midlands England where Werewolves and Witches were free to roam the country as ordinary humans. Unfortunately, at that said time the werewolves was able to shapeshift at any time and they wreaked havoc on the Kingdom and parishes that occupied the land.

Lera Courtenay flew awake when she heard the men and women of her kingdom screaming. She sprang from her bed and looked out her window and saw the horror that was taking place. Werewolves were attacking her kingdom and they were on a rampage tearing women and men apart as they feasted on their bodies.

The King quickly entered Leras chamber and shut her door.

Daughter we are under attacked and I fear this is the last for us, the King said

Father nooo, this cannot be! Why? Let us negotiate with them to spare our lives. Lera cried

Listen to me, hide under the bed and wait till it is all over and run to the forest. Your mother will find you because I will not negotiate with those beasts! the king said hastily

But father, who is my mother and how will she know to find me? Lera asked softly

Lera we do not have time for this! I have to go, just do as I say my child! I love you Lera and you
e the best thing that has ever happened to me after meeting your mother. the King cried and kissed Lera on her forehead. He then slowly pulled away and held Leras hand as he remembered memories of her he had captured in his heart of her growing up and tears slid down his rough face. After several minutes he brushed the tears away, kissed her hands and left.

Lera ran to the window once more to see the extensive damage being carried out by the lycanthropes. Not even children were spared as she saw a big black werewolf take off the head off a young boy trying to escape on the streets.

The mother of the victim, a pretty young woman, looked in horror at what the werewolf had done to her son and attacked him with her pitchfork while he continued to eat her son in a ravenous manner. Unfortunately, before she could get close enough to the werewolf, he smelled her and spun around and began circling her. The creature saw the fear in her eyes, and he pounced on her and clamped her down under him. He sniffed her and then looked at her face and licked her, sending her into a trance like manner that made her stop resisting and laid still.

Lera glanced down for several seconds, and saw when the rest of pack penetrated the barrier of the palace, revealing the large amount of lycanthropes that was on there way in. She shifted her eyes back to the black werewolf and kept looking at the beast and the young mother. She saw him licking her several times, and then she saw when his teeth snarled and bit down into her causing the woman to screamed out loudly.

The woman became frantic and began fighting the strong beast on her but he overpowered her and then she laid still. Lera saw the huge werewolf move off the womans body and went back to eating her son. Suddenly, the mother began to change her features on the ground. She gave a shrilling scream and began tearing at her clothes. Lera glimpsed back to the below of her room, and had to cover her mouth from screaming out when she saw several off the Kings guards were being dismembered by the huge pack of werewolves that had instantly taken out the rest of the army.

Lera eyes shifted back to the young mother laying on the ground and then she saw her turn into a werewolf before her eyes with brown fur. Leras eyes began to full of tears knowing the fate that would soon befall her.

Her eyes never left the black werewolf and the young woman, so she saw when the woman had transformed into a werewolf and had began to slowly walk over to the black lycanthrope, who was still eating her son. She attempted to join him but he was not having it and angrily snapped at her and bared his teeth. She obediently laid down until he was finished and then she got up and began feasting on her sons own halfway eaten body.

Lera knew then, what was going to happen to her and she grabbed her dagger and hid under her bed. She had already decided , after experiencing the horror that took place earlier, that if she was caught she was going to take her own life rather than subject herself to the werewolves barbaric ways.

She heard the snarls of the lycanthropes coming from her fathers chambers. She heard the Kingss guards screams and the vicious killing of them. Then she heard her father shout out and tears began falling down her face as she covered her mouth with her hands. A minute after, she heard the gurgling sound of her fathers throat and she knew that the werewolves had killed him .

Suddenly, Lera saw when her bedroom door crashed against the walls and fragments flew all over her room. She began panting heavily with her hands still over her mouth as the two large grey, shabby feet walked around her room.

The feet stopped by the large window that Lera was just standing by, and then she heard the werewolf make several loud sniffs. Suddenly she saw the entire bed fly over her and hit the wall causing it to break into pieces.

Lera began screaming loudly when she saw the huge and powerful grey werewolf with blue eyes slowly approach her. She made an attempt to end her life but the swift werewolf grabbed her both wrists roughly, and squeezed the dagger out of her hands. He shoved her against the wall, hitting the back of her head hard against the bricks.

The werewolf looked at her with his deep, big eyes and sniffed her neck and licked her on her face. Then she felt the unimaginable pain between her shoulder and neck as his sharp long teeth sank into her soft skin. When he released her she looked at him with eyes full of water and then she fainted to the floor.

Several hours later, a large search party was on the hunt for the group of werewolves that attacked King Charles Kingdom and killed and devoured many of the villagers and their livestock. The King was dead but the Princess was taken and the neighboring King Mormon ordered that a search party was to be formed, killing anyone or anything that disrupted the initiative of returning Princess Lera to him at his Castle.

The team of men walked with flambeaus in their hands and guns with silver bullets lodged in their barrels. The fear was plastered over their face but they continued because they knew if they refused to join the search party that they would have been executed.

The group of sixty men approached the werewolves liar, all armed to kill the first thing that came out. The air was chilly and the forest was black except for the few fireflies that flew around. To the side of the cave laid a powerful raging river that was heard from several miles as it slammed against huge rocks.

As the men inched closer to the liar, they all heard several low, aggressive growls and looked at each other frightenly. But then one by one the men were swiftly picked off and mutilated before they could even fire their guns. Some of the men made loud, terrifying screams that echoed throughout the forest. When the last man was standing, Abraham came out from the liar and approached him.

The man knees was shaking and his teeth chattered.

Why are you here?Abraham asked with a cold tone as he circled the man

We just want the Princess and we will leave, the mans voice trembled

Who wants the Princess if I may ask? So I can pay them a small visit when I get the chance! Abraham said as he stopped and looked him directly in the eye

King Mormom, the man answered softly

Abraham used his claws to swipe as the mans neck and blood sprayed out.

Within five minutes of their arrival, none of the men survived and then the entire pack of werewolves, which consisted about eighty in numbers including small female pups, began howling loudly into the cold, crisp air as they began to greedily feast on the bodies of the search party.

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