Down at the river edge, Cain and Lera laid on the ground looking up at the sky.

Lera I am sorry if I hurt you earlier. But last night a search party came looking for you so father ordered that I use you to start of the mating season, Cain said as he faced her

I am okay but thank you. Who sent the search party looking for me Cain? Lera asked curiously thinking that her father was still alive.

King Mormon, Cain replied

Lera heart sank and nodded and gave him pensive look as she pondered why King Mormon sent a search party for her. Her skin glistened in the sun as her long balck hair cascaded over her body. Cain could not take his eyes of her and thought that her body looked delicious and became aroused.

You were great today Lera, Cain said and passed his hands gently over her breast

Leras nipples hardened and her body began to get hot as soon as Cain touched her.

Thank you for helping me Cain! she said as she watched him in his eyes and he saw the spark.

He smiled because he knew that she wanted him again.

It seems you want to ride my cock again Lera? Cain said teasingly

Lera blushed and broke the eye connection and looked at the water.

No I do not! she said quickly

Lera now that you
e a werewolf and I am your mate, when you look into my eyes I will know your wants. Cain laughed softly and pulled her body to his

Their lips was almost touching and he look at her with wild eyes as her warm breath brushed her face

Then I want you cock Cain, Lera said looking into his eyes

God you are so beautiful and sexy Lera, Cain whispered and felt his entire inside tightening.

He crashed his mouth upon hers deeply but Lera challenged him with her tongue. Cain felt his body shiver with excitement. Lera was curious as to what the rest of women were doing in the cave earlier and was curious as to what his penis felt like. His ripped chest smashed against the soft cushions of her breasts. Cain moved his mouth to her chest and then to her pink buds. When he heard the soft murmur he began suckling her breast rougher as and Lera squirmed erotically against him.

Before he knew it, Lera had gently pulled away and went down on him. Cain hissed loudly as her warm mouth engulfed his cock and she began to use her tongue to gently tease the tip of the head.

Fuck Lera! Cain groaned

Lera, feeling empowered by his words and the way his body responded to hers began to stroke and swallow his pulsing cock deep into her throat

Cain got so excited that he roughly pulled her up to him and began placing kisses down her entire body. Then he parted her legs and delved his tongue into her already wet pussy. Cain licked and sucked her clit until she began gyrating against his mouth and he could not wait any longer.

In a quick flash he was on her and positioning his manhood into her sweet pussy. She felt the stones from the rivers edge dig into her back with the weight of him on her but she did not care. Cain felt overwhelmed when he was completely into Lera.

He had five more mates from the pack but Lera was by far his favorite. He sucked on her neck while he squeezed her breasts and began to slowly move into her as to not hurt her.

Fuck me Cain, I want your cock to ** me now, Lera begged

Cain did not wait any longer as he raised up and began to slam his aroused shaft into her.

Fukkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Lera screamed out and the sound echoed into the forest.

Lera began panting and with ever breath she made he plunged into her. Then like clockwork, she began moving her hips with his rhythm and it excited him the way she took over so that she was the one in control.

He looked down into her eye as he deepened the strokes. Lera shut her eyes and bit her lips

Open your eyes my beautiful witch! he groaned

She opened them slowly and he increased his speed and began to plunge deeper into her. Lera grabbed his ass and sank her fingers into them and Cain became overly excited.

Cain Im coming, come with me my love, Lera softly muttered

Cain looked at her intensely after she called him her love and several plunges later he erupted into her and then felt her warm climax spill onto his cock.

They remained that way for a long time before he kissed her on her lips.

No one must never know about you Lera! You are mines for eternity. No other man will know what it feels to have their cock in you, Cain said and laid his head on her chest.

Looking from a distance was Cains father, Abraham. He smiled when he saw Nick on his mate **ing her. He grabbed his mates head as he watched them and began slamming his hard cock into her mouth.

Abraham was disappointed because each male werewolf could not copulate with other werewolves mate. Therefore he could not have Lera, but he could have her female offspring since they grew so quickly.

Just the thought of him having a mate that was born from the legs of Lera and being able to ** her caused him to grab his mate and bend her over. He pummeled his hard cock into her mercilessly and when he pictured Lera face, Abraham pulled out and shoved his cock in his mates mouth and began **ing her mouth. Several stokes later he grabbed her head and exploded into her mouth as she sucked and drank him down.

Yesss Sheba, drink my cum let it swell you belly! Abraham groaned as he watched her.

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