Lera woke up in the cave in darkness. Her stomach cramped severely but she managed to get up. She was still a little dazed but she managed to stumble towards the flickering light . After a few steps, she heard growling and saw the several werewolf encircling her. She stopped and looked around to see how many more there was knowing fully well that she was too disoriented to battle.

I don want to fight you please, I just want to leave, Lera said softly.

One of the female werewolf then shapeshifted into human and walked to her.

If you leave you will surely secure the death of Cain, Lera. Have you not seen what your disobedience to the Alpha has caused? Your entire kingdom, every man , woman and child was slaughtered tonight for no reason other than retaliation for you disobeying Abraham. You cannot fight the ways that we have lived by for centuries. Genieve, one of Cain s previous mate answered.

How do you feel when they kill your sons and throw them in the river? Or when your daughters are given to other pack members as mates knowing you brought forth them into this cruel rule of Abrahams? How many more sons would be killed before the rule changes? Genieve I cannot and will not agree to it! Lera said to the female werewolf.

We feel the same sadness as you Lera, but these are the ways our pack have survived for years and as much as you defy Abraham, things will not change. Margaret, another one of Cains past mate, shapeshifted and answered . Several other women also shape-shifted and began to shake their heads in agreement.

” Well Im not going to surrender to his rules or way of life. Why wasn all the men killed then if it was a rule from so long ago. I mean why is Cain here or the other male pack members? Surely they haven been around for centuries! Abraham is making his own rules and we should have a choice to raise our families how we see fit. I am going to change this rule even if I have to kill Abraham or die trying. Lera responded.

Please do not go out the cave Lera. Abraham and other pack leaders are out there right now as we speak and if you do they will surely kill Cain and you. Think of your condition Lera. You have to remain in the cave until you give birth because you cannot fight right now without endangering your pups. Think about the safety of your litter if not for Cain and yourself! Genieve pleaded

Lera thought of Cain and what they may have done to him. She thought about hurting her unborn children if she fought and she was saddened and decided against her initial thought. She then shape-shifted and went to the corner and laid down and closed her eyes thinking about the day that she would make Abraham pay for what he did to her kingdom as her mind replayed the horrific images of the infants and her people that was slaughtered unnecessarily.

That night Lera had a dream about a beautiful woman with long black hair handing her a boy child. The boy child however, was not an ordinary child as he had wings and the face of a lycanthrope but the body of a human and his skin was glistening Ike diamonds.

The next morning Cain came into the cave and awoke Lera with some food. He was badly beaten and had cuts and scars all over his body. His face was swollen and unrecognizable. Lera on seeing him, quickly shape-shifted into human form and began touching his face and body. It ache her heart to see him in this condition and longed to ease his pain.

Cain oh my love, look at you! Lera said and began passing her hands over his wounds with tears in her eyes. Cain immediately realized that her touches eased the pain and miraculously healed his wounds.

Lera your hands have healing powers. Look at my wounds that youve touched. Cain said in amazement as he saw the long slice on his hand heal before his eyes.

I just thought of healing your wounds Cain and then I touched you. Lera said in amazement

Your powers are getting stronger my love! Lera but you have to accept that we tried to get away and learn to follow fathers rule. Cain said softly.

No Cain, what are you saying? I will do no such thing! Lera asked angrily.

Lera look what he did to your kingdom! Your people! I asked a pack member about the infants and he told me that every one of them was slaughtered. You cannot do anything to anger him again Lera, please! I don want to lose you! Please baby don . Cain begged.

Lera began to cry and a terrible pain ripped through her stomach and suddenly a large amount of water gushed down her legs. She opened her eyes and looked at Cain who was also looking at the pool of water.

It is time Lera but you cannot make any noise. I know this will hurt but we cannot let the others know okay my love. Cain said and gave her a nearby piece of stick to bite down on.

He laid her back and opened her legs and tried to remember the exact steps the mid wife instructed him to do. He coaxed her into the breathing rhythm and he waited until she was ready and began to push. Several minutes later he held his only surviving son from a litter of four in his hands. He was the most precious thing that Cain had ever seen. His head and face was wolf-like but his body was hairless and his skin glistened. He opened his eyes and it was blue like his and Cain began crying uncontrollably because he knew the fate the little bundle of joy who struggled to live, was still doomed.

Lera eyes began to water when she saw Cain crying. His crying had confirmed her dream and she began to sobbed softly. Cain placed the child in Leras hand and kissed her head and walked out of the cave, shape-shifting at the entrance as to not draw suspicion to his healed wounds.

Lera held the baby pup and cried. She kissed his chubby cheeks and he smiled and looked into her eyes and she smiled back.

Little one you are so precious. My wish for you is that your future is long, safe and happy. I love you so much. Lera said and cried as she cradled him and she then she began to breastfeed him.

During the day Abraham approached Cain in the woods,

When will your bitch give birth Abraham? He asked.

Soon father! Cain answered.

I hope that you and your mate are ready to follow our rules and way of life and not do anything stupid boy. Because this time I will kill her. Abraham warned

Father Lera is a young and privileged princess before I made her my mate and I don want her to hate me if our first born is a boy and we have to get rid of it. That is why I did what I did. Please consider giving her one day with the male pups before we have to kill them. Cain pleaded.

Abraham considered what Cain had said. He disliked Leras disobedience within the pack and didn want her to influence the rest because Sheba had already informed him that several of the female members was empathetic towards Lera and Cain and was beginning to question some of his rules.

Very well, she can have one day with her male pups to have her bond! But if its a daughter she belongs to me! Abraham said and looked at Cain.

Cain looked at Abraham with horror in his eyes remembering what Lera had said to him and knowing that Abraham wanted to be with his own granddaughter. It sickened Cain to his core but then softy answered,

Yes father! Cain said and watched his father smile broadly, turned around and walked away towards the river where the majority of the pack was laying on the rocks and in the river trying to keep cool.

After having the conversation with Abraham, Cain immediately went up to the liar where Lera was and snuck her and his offspring out and took them into the forest. He disguised his son into a makeshift bag and carried him incase anyone saw them leaving. Far and deep into the forest he carried his family into a small cavern he found a few years aback while hunting. He had cleaned and prepared it yesterday in his free time and now carefully took them there away from Abraham and the rest of the pack.

Following them and watching from a distance was Koba, a pack member, who Abraham had appointed to keep an eye on Cain. He remained there for several hours and when he saw that Cain and Lera didn come out he went back to the river and informed Abraham.

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