(name) was anything but clueless, and she was very aware of that.

She looked around the room and her eyes landed on the younger brother, at least the youngest among the brothers.

He looks more uncomfortable than usual during meetings.

Everyones eyes were glued to her and some of the members even whispered among themselves.

Pretending she can hear them, she turns her gaze to the leader of the clan; her uncle.

”Did I do something that didn live up to your expectations again? ” She voices her concern, her voice was rigged but authoritative.

”(Name), nothing that you did, ” Uncles deep voice muttered, ”We as in me and the rest of the clan —including your father— has a proposal for you. ”

”A proposal? ”

”Yes, a proposal ”

”As in a wedding proposal. ” The oldest among the siblings spoke.

”Really? ” Her brow grated in confusion.

”After the disaster that was caused by you all those years ago, we think we should take a step forward and find you a match, ” her father said.

”A match? Seriously this is stupid. This meeting is stupid. ” She was about to stand from her seat.

”(Name), youve come of age and it is our responsibility to make sure you are married— ”

”And I said this last time, Uncle, I don want to do anything with marriage right now. ”

”Were you not the one who was so excited when you brought home that traitorous rat from France? ” He chewed the last part with venom.

”That was one time— ”

”—He killed him and almost killed the whole clan because you were too naive to see what your elders were trying to tell you, (name) ” he composed himself, ”and its traditional for a woman in our clan to marry at your age, doesn matter if you are the strongest here, ” he looked her straight in the eyes, ” you also need to learn to move on. ”

(Name) almost wanted to laugh at her Uncle. This was all nothing but the act of idiocy from desperate higher-ups.

But even if she doesn want it, she can certainly entertain herself.

”You know what? Ill consider it. ”

There were two types of reaction around the table, one of her brothers who were expecting her to say no to the arrange

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