The birds chirped melodically, welcoming another beautiful morning in the (Last Name) household. Every residents face was lit up like a sun and the light was burning (name)s eyes.

”Why are you sitting there as if its someones funeral? ” Yes, just she needs right now is scolding for the way she sits.

”I…Was meditating, ” she stretched her legs on the grey carpet and schooled her expression.

”I might be almost blind and wear these glasses… ” Grandma points at her thick glasses, ”…but I can still see from a mile away that something is bothering my favourite granddaughter, ”

”Nothing. ”

”(Name)… ” Her tone was strict yet laced with concern.

”Don you think its too early for them to visit? ”

”Oh you mean your future husband? ” (Name) made a face as if she has licked a lemon.

”Not when Ill have a say in this, ” she muttered, ”how they expect me to marry him, I don know what he looks like or even his name, ”

”don tell me your mother forget to give information regarding your fiancé? ” Grandma slightly cleared her throat, ”(mothers name)! ”

In a few seconds, her mother came running toward the two, ”what is it? ”

”Were you not supposed to give your daughter a talk? No one even bothered to tell her the name of the man she is supposed to marry? ”

Her mother looked guilty, ”I apologize, (name), Ive been so busy preparing for our guests that it completely left my mind. ”

”Look at my granddaughter, she has lost half of her weight worrying, ” she hugged (name), ”I ordered (Uncles name) to stop this nonsense, but who listens to old cot like me. ”

”Ahhh thanks, Grandma, ” (name) hugged her back returning her affection. ”But don worry about me, you do know very well no one in this house can force me to do anything, ”

Her mother raised a brow at her daughters somewhat arrogant tone, ”I agreed to this arrangement myself but I don like they are being so hasty about it all. ”

”Hmmm, but that doesn give that idiot of a son to make an important decision of your life, ” Grandma said bitterly.

mother finally spoke, ”(Name) is already twenty-seven and its perfect for her to get married. ”

(Name) scoffed, ”Grandma, you are like the best person in this household. ” Even though she cannot see her mothers face, she can hear her rolling her eyes.

”I know, darling. ” She smiles, showing her wrinkles in all their glory.

”So, are you guys planning on telling me his name? ”

”Well, they were several proposals, most prominent being of Naoya Zenin and Satoru Gojo from Japanese clans. ” Her mother took a seat beside her grandma.

”I mightve heard of them, ” (name) tried recalling any relevant information regarding the men.

”So, who is this chosen one? ”

”Oh, you mightve heard about Satoru, he is the strongest sorcerer. ” Grandma clapped her hands.

( Name) frowned, ”Oh yeah now I remember but never met him. ”

”They say that he was born with unlimited power and the six eyes. ”

(Name) narrowed her eyes, ”really? Well see who is the strongest, ” she lifted her chin in the air and stood up from her position on the floor.

”At least they choose the one I can keep up with in battle. ” smirk graced her lips at the idea of fighting the strongest sorcerer.

In the afternoon (name) and Arshi left on a mission even after all the pleas from her mother to not leave as the guests were supposed to arrive in the afternoon.

”Mother, well be back soon, its just a little mission. ”

”They can always send other sorcerers and what if— ”

”Don worry, mother. ” (Name) wrapped the belt holding the knives around her waist.

”(Name)! Lets go, ” Arshi was wearing her fighting gear, her enchanted weapon thrown over her shoulder and hair tied in a braid.

”Coming! ” (Name) followed her friend.

Her mother could do nothing but sigh.

That was a lie, the mission was not a small one. She has lied because if she has told the whole truth her mother would have never let her leave on such a crucial day.

Arshi cracked the skull open of another curse and wiped the sweat off of her brow.

”I think that was the last one, ”

”This place is infested with cursed creatures ” (name) was sitting on a wall, her legs swinging back and forth as she wiped the dirt off of her knives. ”Good as new, ” she smiled at her work.

She jumps down, ”no wonder, its a slum. ”

”Its almost evening, we should head back. Besides the smell here is unbearable and Im not talking about the stink of the cursed. ”

”You are right, but first I got to eat something, Im hungry. ” As if in agreement her stomach growled.

”Of course, you are, ”

”Now be a dear assistant and bring me something to eat, Arshi. ”

”You don even pay me to be your assistant, (nickname) ”

”Stop complaining, Arshi and I know for sure you enjoy my company very much. ”

”yeah, All hail the great chameleon. ” She uttered sarcastically while giving a mock bow.

”Don call me that, ” Arshi was well aware of how much (name) hated that title given to her by the clans.

”What are gonna do about it? ”

Before Arshi even had a second to react, (name) had her arms and legs wrapped around the back of the tall woman.

”Your punishment for calling me that is giving me a piggyback ride till we found something to eat. ”

If it was anyone else, they would have a broken back gifted by Arshi but she knew not to mess with her cousin as (name) can kick more than just her ass and she also liked her cousin very much despite her mood swings that were more frequent than a pregnant woman.

Arshi pitied her soon-to-be husband.

After reaching back home, Arshi left her to change.

(Name)s eyes landed on the dress lying on her bed, probably left there by her mother.

She picked it up, it was pretty.

It was sewn to contour her natural curves and emphasize her natural beauty.

(Name)s mind wandered towards her soon-to-be husband.

Satoru Gojo, what he looked like? She wondered. She was given a few photos of him but she refused to look at any of them, hoping for a surprise and surprise she got…

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