(A week has passed since Gojos arrival )

Arshi opened the dark mahogany door of (Name)s study.

”Oi, (nickname). ”

(Name), who has her head buried in the piles of paperwork looked up, ”yes, Arshi. ”

”(Mothers name) was asking where do want to take your evening tea? ”

(Name) ceased her brows, ”I usually have it in my study and why are you asking? ”

”What do you mean? ”

She slowly picks up the pen that was abandoned on the table, ”Nothing, did you need anything? ”

Arshi rubbed her hands together, ”Yeah, I need that book you said youll lend me? ”

”Oh, its on the middle shelf, ”

”Thanks, (name) ” Arshi approached the shelf, trying to find the publication.

”And Arshi, do take care of it. ” At (name)s sudden statement, Arshi jumped with shock.

”Yeah— of course, (name). ”

”You okay? ” (Name) looked concerned, ”why are you sweating? Is my study too stuffy? ”

”NO, ” she realized her tone has been too loud, ”I mean no, Ill go see what happened to that evening tea. ” With that, she left.

There was a gentle knock on the door, ”come in, ”

”Well, hello there future wifey. ” It was the smiling face of Satoru Gojo holding a tray of tea and other assortments.

She was puzzled, ”what are you doing here? ”

”Providing my soon-to-be wife with her evening tea. ” He placed the tray on her table, ”look at the odds, it has two cups, I wonder what could that mean? ”

”Meaning Im drinking tea in two cups. ” Her voice was so monotonous that Gojo almost believed her.

”Well, look at you making jokes like that, ” he poured them tea, ”how much sugar? ”

”One teaspoon. ”

”Isn that a bit less? ”

”How many teaspoons do you take in your tea? ”

”Six. ”

”Isn that a bit too much? ” She said trying to mimic his voice.

”Fair enough, ” he hands one cup to her and takes a seat on her plush couch holding the other cup.

Soon, she was doing her work again but his gaze was distracting.

She looked up from her work, taking a sip of her tea, ”stop staring. ”

”Oh, am I making you uncomfortable? ” He holds his hands up in an apologetic manner.

”If you don feel like leaving do something else. ”

”Like help you with paperwork? ”

”All the paperwork is in (Native language) even if I give you a chance you won be able to do it. ” She simply states.

”Tell you what, I can speak (Native language) very fluently. ” He wrapped his arms around his chest, ”not as good as you are with Japanese, but still fluent. ”

”Course, you are. ” Her tone was almost mocking.

He stands up, ”Ill prove it, ” he wanders towards the bookshelf, ”Ill read you something in (Native Language). ”

”You seriously don need to do that, ”

He picked up a random book and fell silent.

(Name) rolled her eyes, ”I knew you weren — ” her statement was cut short by his laugh.

He was holding his stomach laughing, ”Oh God! I can believe you have such taste in literature! ”

(Name) looks puzzled, ”what do you mean? ” She walks up to him and took the book from the laughing man.

”What the hell… ” Was the only thing that came out of her mouth.

The title of the book was written boldly, The Lusty Argonian Maid. ”

Her eyes widened in terror as she reads the first lines of the book, ”(Name), you okay? ” Gojo who has finally stopped laughing asked.

She abruptly closed the book, looking embarrassed.

”I seriously didn know you were this wild, (Name). ”

She stutters out a response, ”This— this is not mine, ”

”Woah, (name) are you blushing? ”

”Don be ridiculous, Im not. ” She looks at everything but the man standing beside her, ”but seriously, how this book ended up in my study!? ” She was angry no scratch that, she was furious.

”Calm down, no need to be this feverish over a book. ” She finally looked at the man, he was smiling.

This idiot is enjoying my embarrassment isn he? An idea struck her mind

”What do you want me to do, huh? ” With all the courage she could collect she walked towards the man while maintaining eye contact.

”Well, I have no clue. Its your issue. ” He shrugged his shoulders.

”What about being my soon-to-be husband? ” She smiles sweetly as she closed the distance.

Every alarm in Gojos body went off as she came to a halt just a few inches away from him.

(Name) lifts a hand and rests it on his broad chest, Gojo backed till his back hit the bookshelf, ”what happened? Are you afraid of me? ” Her voice was low and Gojo was sure of the seductive undertone.

Now that she was so close, she couldn help but admire his lifted cheekbones and sharp jawline. She was disappointed at his black glasses, if only she can see his eyes.

She noticed his pale skin was gaining colour every second of their proximity and his heart was racing marathons.

Now you are the embarrassed one, Satoru Gojo.

After a moment of just admiring her from so close he uttered, ”No, Im afraid of the emotions you make me feel. ”

(Name) was stunned at his statement.

She backed away, ”I— ”

”You don need to say anything, ” he rubbed his cheeks, ”Im sorry I shouldn have said that… ”

She was feeling guilty and she didn know why, ”No, I apologise. I was just joking around. That was so unprofessional of me— ”

Joking, huh. He shook his head, the feeling of disappointment coursing through his veins.

”Its okay, (Name) ” he smiled, and it assured (name) a little, ”look at the tea it has gotten cold, Ive already taken too much time off your schedule. Sorry about that, Im taking my leave. ”

With that, he left her alone feeling all more guilty.

Completely forgetting about the book her cousin has placed in her bookshelf to prank her.

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