”(NAME)! OPEN YOUR DAMN DOOR! ” Arshi yelled frantically banging her fists on the poor girls door.

Needless to say (Name) slept like a baby, let me put it more bluntly: she slept like a baby who had diarrhea last night meaning she didn sleep at all and now she wanted to blow the door along with her friend.

”What in the holy morning is wrong with her? ” She groaned, hoping her friend will leave.

”(Name) I know you are not asleep so open this door before I break it! ”

(Name) wanted to jump out of her window and leave the screaming girl behind but she will never let her live.

She begrudgingly opened the door.

”Look at you looking like a morning fairy. ” Arshi gestured towards her hair and pajamas.

”What do you want? ”

”You do know you overslept, right? ”

”I did? ”

”Yeah, its ten in the afternoon if you didn know. ”

(Name)s sprinted back in her room, ”you could have woken me up earlier! ”

”I know you were awake last night so I—being the considerate friend I am— let you rest. ” Arshi smiled.

(Name) completely ignored her and went into her wardrobe trying to find appropriate attire.

”Just so you know, I ran into Gojo while coming here and he told me something surprising. ” (Name) unconsciously stopped.

(Name) glanced her way from the corner of her eye, ”What did he say? ”

”He said hell be leaving for Japan tonight. ”

(Name) didn know that, ”that was inevitable, ”

Arshi lifted her brows, ”I was honestly expecting a more flavored reaction. ”

”What do you mean? ” (Name)s tone was dry as ever.

Arshi exhaled through her nostrils, ”you are hopeless, (Name). ”

”Whatever, I am going to bathe. ”

After taking a bath, (Name) came out excepting an empty room.

But, to her despair and utter terror, Satoru Gojo was standing right in the middle of her room; completely unfazed by the fact that it was her room and he shouldn be there.

She turned to ran back in the bathroom but he has already turned to her direction,

”Hey, Name. ” He smiled, his eyes slowly trailing down her figure.

She was only wearing a towel, she realized and Satoru Gojo was ogling over her.

She screamed, ”Hey, pervert! Look away! ”

”Sorry! ” He didn sound apologetic. ”I was hoping to talk to you, I need to ask something. ”

”You couldve waited outside! ” She wanted to throw a vase at him.

”I know, but I thought— ”

”You know what, leave. ” She wrapped her towel closer to herself, ”Ill talk when Im decent. ”

”Fair enough. ”

”Hey, are you decent now? ” He gently knocked at her door.

She was combing/brushing her hair, ”Is he not going to leave without telling whatever the hell he wants to. ”

”You can come in. ” She was looking at herself in the mirror.

His head peeked inside, ”are you sure? I don want to be yelled at again? ”

”No, do come in. ”

He cleared his throat, ”as I said before I wanted to tell you something. ”

”Yes, what is it? ” Her eyes focused intently on her hair.

”You see Ill be leaving back for Japan tonight. ” He rubbed the back of his neck.

”I know. ”

”How did you— ” he chuckled, ”Arshi told you, didn she? ”

”Yeah, ”

He took a few steps and now he was standing beside her.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror he smiled, ”I want to ask you something but Ill probably be rejected. ”

Her eyes met his in the mirror, ”You don know that. ”

He takes her free hand in his, now kneeling beside her, ”will you, (Name) (Last name) go out on a date with me? ”

His voice was so soft, as he gazed at her face.

She was silent, he can see the gears in her head turning, ”I don have anything good to do today so alright I guess? ”

He let go of her hand and she missed it already, ”it sounds like you are doing a favor. ”

He smiled from cheek to cheek, ”It is, since you asked so nicely I could not reject. ”

”How about a lunch date? ”

”Its up to you, ”

”Thank you, I guess Ill see you in a few hours. ”

She nodded, ”alright. ”

”Wow, (nickname), you look good today! ” Arshi greets her, ”mind telling me where are you going? ”

(Name) looked around cautiously, when noticed no one was eavesdropping she whispered, ”on a date. ”

Arshi gasped, ”are you cheating on Gojo with another man?! ”

”No, ”

Arshi gasped again, ”is it a woman then?! ”

”No, idiot, its Satoru. ”

”Oh, ”

”Yeah, ”

”Did he ask you? ”

”Is this some kind of interrogation, Arshi? ” (Name) placed her hands on her hips, ”if it is, can we do it later? Im getting late.

Arshi scoffed, ”Of course, (Name), wouldn want your date waiting. ”

”Arshi, are you mad? ”

”Yeah, I sure as hell am mad because my best friend didn bother telling me that she had a date. ”

(Name) wanted to say something, but she was getting late.

”Well talk later. ”

”Wait till Grandma hears about this! ”

”Arshi! Don . ” With a warning (name) left.

”What a lovely dress you are wearing, ” Gojo compliments her attire, ”but you know where itll look more lovely? ” He suggestively twisted his brows.

”I swear if you said your bedroom floor… ”

”I was about to say itll look good on me but that works as well. ”

”You flatter me, Satoru. ”

”Did you just call me by my first name? ”

”Am I not supposed to? ” She acquired.

”No, I like when you say it, I can get used to it. ” They walked side by side.

”So, did you like (native country)? ”

”Don know about (native country), but I do like the people here. ”

”Good to know that. ”

They reached a very fancy Cafe for lunch, ”have you been here before? ”

”No, I haven . ”

”I can believe you live here and you don know about this place, ” he holds the door of the cafe open for her to enter, ”they sell the best shortcakes. ”

”Did anyone tell you about this place or you just used sweets-finding senses? ” She teased.

”A bit of both. ” She takes a seat as he follows her, ”your brother told me about this place that sells wonderful shortcakes but he never told me the address. ”

”I forget he is just as much of a sweet fanatic. ”

”No, we just have better taste in food than most people, Miss.I-eat-everything. ”

”I hate picky eaters. ”

”Im not a picky eater. ” Gojo pouted.

”You are. ” A waiter came to take their orders, ”don you dare disagree. ”

e not even married and you are performing perfectly as a wife. ” He snickered.

”Im not. ”

”Yes, you are, (Name). ” He tried mimicking her voice, ”don you dare disagree. ”

The afternoon was spent as they argued and bantered over anything and everything.

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