rapped with silver armour around his shoulders to his chest.

What the heck…!

Valeries breath hitched for a second when her eyes met with his crimson red eyes. Her blood felt the grilling gaze freezing her at a glance. He was so dangerously handsome and those silver hair added more charm to his features.

Valerie took a step back in shock, in her past life she had never seen her husbands face who was Ezekiel Perriere himself but now that she had seen it feels unreal.

H-How can someone be an angel and devil at the same time? she questioned herself in awe.

Now there is nothing to hide, she has to face him even if she wants to kill him. For that important mission Ive to make this man believe Im worth his expectations.

” Greetings to lord Ezekiel Perriere, Im Princess Valerie de Floyen. ”

Saying that she slides her cloak from head and reveals her face which made other knights drop their jaws. She smirked as she walked towards emotionless Ezekiel. Her jewelled blue eyes sparked coldness creeping directly at Ezekiel while her long golden hair dazzled behind.

” Lets find out if you
e not lying! ”

As expected, someone like him. Ezekiel swung his sword releasing a powerful ice fire aura towards Valerie. She smiled and moved her hands in circular motion forming golden mana flames and directed it towards Ezekiels ice fire as her shield.


Both the powers clashed causing super mana blast. Ezekiels eyes widened in surprise but he immediately contained his etiquette and put his sword in its scabbard.

” Greetings to your highness. ”

” Huh ? ”

Valerie reacted shockingly as well as others did. She thought he would continue attacking her and in the end she would pretend to be losing and get him to arrest her. But all changed!

Aloysius looks at Valerie with the same confused expression.

” There will be a slight change in our plan now, ” she whispered and walked close to Ezekiel. Taking out one ring box she kneeled down in front of Ezekiel.

” Marry me lord Ezekiel Perriere. ”


Well this is my original mission of coming here! Valerie smiled at shocked Ezekiel after causing such a disgraceful act.


One hour later

In one of the camps of holy knights on the borders of Perriere.

” So you
e telling me to get into a contract marriage with you, princess, to stop this war ? ”

” Yes. ”

Valerie replied bluntly, maintaining her beautiful smile on her lips. Of course all this is fake but she has to keep smiling to make her feel less nervous.


There was pin drop silence, Ezekiel sat there reading the contract papers which was given by Valerie. She could notice the tension forming on his eyebrows and his eyes narrowing as he goes through every single line written in contract.

” I see but Im curious about one thing… ”

” Whats that? ”

She immediately asked and her eyes met his. He looked displeased maybe because of your weird contract terms. She wanted to stay in her empire even after getting married to him and secondly he doesn have to worry about having a mistress.

Well Valerie added this term because she already knew in future Ezekiel will have affair with her step sister Helene so instead of getting heartbroken she decided to accept it.

Yeah, I don plan to invest my feelings in this emotionless man, she smirked, calculating the results in her mind.

” Why did you enter the holy land of Perriere as assassins ? ”

Unpredictable! This man is asking something unrelated to the contract.

” Because the emperor would never give me permission to visit holy land Perriere even if theres no war going on, ” she shrugged .

” But the war is currently going on ! ”

He said in his cold voice enough to cause a heart attack. Valerie gulped nervously because now theres only one weapon left. Its difficult and embarrassing to use but to change her fate she has to do it.

Before that damn emperor sells her off to this cold hearted paladin she will have to get this man into contract marriage and stay away from his coldness.

So I will use my secret weapon which is …

She took a deep breath and got on her knees. Pearl-like tears rolled down her porcelain fair cheek.

” I don want to marry an old emperor of another nation in the future . Ill not disappoint you… ”

She paused and dramatically sobbed which instantly panicked Ezekiel. As tactic he is on war field he is as dumb as rock in front of emotional counterattack.

You are trapped damn Ezekiel..hoho, inner feelings of Valerie.

” Ill help your mages in training the usage of mana energy and mastering the aura, ” her final weapon that even Ezekiels soul can let go of.

He loves war is equal to strengthening his knights for war.

” I am ready for this marriage, your highness. ”

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