is war was currently harsh on nobles. They were supposed to keep funding the knights who were battling against the enemy.

” Give me the letter! ”

Marquis forwarded the letter and seeing the contents a faint smile formed on the handsome face of the emperor.

” I approve of this marriage alliance. ”

Hearing the approval of the emperor, the exclusive letter was written mentioning the alliance between the Obela empire and holy land Perriere. It was a promise of peace and support for each other.

Princess was sent back to her empire after Ezekiel received the letter of marriage approval.

Although it was a pity because Valerie wasn able to say goodbye to Ezekiel because as soon as the reply came from the Obela empire he left for the cathedral to meet his father, the archbishop.

” I don know how lord Ezekiel will convince his father for marriage, ” Valerie giggled while the carriage almost arrived at the royal palace of Obela.

” Princess, do you want me to escort you secretly to avoid meeting them? ”

Aloysius suggested looking outside the window of the carriage. Emperor, empress and her step siblings were standing outside with frown faces ready to devour Valerie as soon as she got down her carriage.

She took a deep breath and calmly replied, ” No , I will face them. ”

Aloysius assisted her to get down and followed behind her. As personal knight of princess Valerie he has to make sure shes safe. For him nothing is above the safety of Valerie and he can cause massive massacre if needed.

Because hes supreme mana and aura user who has mastered all seven rings which is only known to Valerie. In her past life Aloysius was selected as holy knight who was assigned the job to kill the traitors and later he became escort of Valerie.

That time Aloysius was aware of his powers and strangely he tried to protect her but was executed by Ezekiel.

In this life I won let Aloysius die thats why I took him under me, she smirked and bowed in front of the emperor and empress.

” Greetings to the sun and moon of the Obela empire. ”

” You may raise your… ”

The empress was interrupted by the emperors serious order.

” Valerie, come to my office now! ”

” Yes, your majesty. ”

Valerie calmly replied and glanced at her shocked empress and Helene. Something cold started covering her hearts warmth and that was because of her elder brother Raphael.

He was standing there, his eyes fixed on her while his ponytail elegantly laid on his left shoulder. Anyone who will see him will say hes the definition of perfection and class. Her step brother Raphael who holds the handsome man status in the empire and many affairs of his with noble ladies is always on top headlines .

Yes, hes a sexist and obsessive guy but what makes him perfect to be crown prince is hes a top swordsman and mana user with four circles of aura.

” Welcome my lovely sister, ” he smiled, more like , sarcastically threatening.

Valeries soul shuddered in terror but she maintained the calmness. Its just that Raphael is the most dangerous man in her life… He is abnormally obsessed with her which includes beating her and torturing her when hes in bad mood.

He walked towards her but Aloysius came forward.

” Princess has to meet his majesty, your highness. ”

” Is that so Valerie? ” He asked, smirking.

” Yes, brother… ”

” Then I guess Ill have to meet you sometime later, ” he paused and gave a cold glare at Aloysius and continued.

” But please don let your beloved knight cross my limits of patience. ”

Valerie gritted her teeth in annoyance and forced a smile on her trembling lips. Its like her heart stopped beating for a second… This much fear she has against Raphael.

Raphael left with his mother, empress Aurelie. But Helene came forward and commented.

” To think youll disgrace yourself to this point makes you puke. ”

She laughed and walked inside leaving you boiling in rage. They were definitely looking down on her because lord Ezekiel is not a gentleman. People call him devil, distinguished in holy armour. And thats why no noble lady in her right mind would agree to marry such a devilish man.

” Princess, are you alright? ”

Aloysius asked, seeing her trembling and angry.

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