The Wild Wolves

I Bring The Flame II

(Note That The Point Of View Would Change Between The Characters.)

(Uriel Ulrich)

For the past four centuries, Ive been within the embrace of darkness. Why bother showing myself to the world if Im but a lonely entity and such had ripped off every shred of emotion I had left. I was very much aware that I was but the only one of my kind that possessed the gift of not dying. I was turned by a friend back in the 1720s and I did enjoy the powers granted unto me for years but the boredom sank in when I lost him. We were more like brothers as we roamed every interesting bar within Compton. Forty years after being turned, he aged but I didn , he died but I didn .

Back then, every wolf had to vanish into hiding for we were hunted by skilled hunters. An arrow dipped in wolfsbane could kill a werewolf so we did well to avoid them. An unlucky encounter with a dozen hunters made me believe that I was not capable of dying. Their venomous arrows jutted out of every part of my body but I did not die. Instead, I grew furious and more powerful which earned their deaths. I might have not been capable of dying but that didn mean I was the strongest in the world for there were other creatures that were incapable of drifting off to the land of unconsciousness.

Such were the vampires, they could as well live as long as they wanted so far they weren staked by a wooden dagger. Ive had a few encounters with them and I was quite powerful enough to end their existence. After the death of my friend, I left California to roam the world. What angered me was the decision of fate to not provide my mate as I roamed the beautiful Earth. I withdrew myself from the huge maze of unforgettable memories and focused on the steering wheel as I made my way into Compton. Many years had passed since I last visited and the city had embraced a lot of changes.

Minutes went by as I drove past quite a number of streets with the intention of visiting one of the best bars within the city. `4626 Firestone Blvd, South Gate. There lied at South Gate the best bar, The Hound Bar. I alighted from my Rolls Royce and patted off some non existing dirt off my red tuxedo before proceeding to gaining entry into the bar. The security around was tough so I made sure to piss no one off and within the span of minutes, I was within the majestic bar with many shots of various wines. Losing myself to the insanity they brought, I remained unbothered about it for that was the real fun about it.

After minutes, I caught sight of a blonde making her way towards me and I really couldn deny her beauty for she was voluptuous. When she was just some distance from my chair, my inner beast got irritated by the aura of death that surrounded her entirety. Such scents belonged to the deadly vampires but I wasn bothered for the entire lot of them were everywhere. Due to the behavior of their kind, I knew her plan was to drain me of my blood and such plan would only be created with the logic of me being an elegant human. Very few ladies could deny my charm, my waist length red hair granted unto me some hints of elegance and my slightly red eyeballs were as fiery as a hot lava.

`Hey, you new around here? Just as she spoke, she grabbed a chair and sat opposite mine with her eyes boring into mine. `You could say that. Four words escaped my mouth as our eyeballs collided. `I like you, you
e a cute human. I smiled in response and gave a reply after seconds had gone by. `Ive heard that a lot, what do you want? She seemed taken aback by my reply and the reason behind that was because humans tended to be mesmerized by the charms of their kind and would often lose rationality. `I want you to tag along with me to my home and have fun with me. As she said, she focused her gaze upon my eyes. I wasn needed to be told that she was making use of the mind control ability all vampires had.

I put up an act like her plan was working out as intended and repeated her words but in a slight different way. `I will tag along with you to your home and have fun with you. She smiled, believing her ability worked. She arose and exited the bar with my body trailing behind her. Few seconds after exiting the bar, she halted and tilted her head backwards whilst boring her eyes into mine. `You own this Rolls Royce? I nodded in approval and so did she smile. `Youll drive the both of us to a nearby hotel so we can have fun. I didn hesitate and did what I was asked to.

Silence streamed in and swallowed the moments we had in the car but it was broken by her words just as we arrived at a nearby hotel. Went through the necessary procedures to gaining a room. The hotel attendants couldn take their eyes off us as we headed towards our allocated room, an elegant one. She headed towards the huge bed and placed her voluptuous body on it before she motioned for me to advance towards the stage for a nice performance. `Whats your name? I questioned her as I maintained some distance away from the bed.

`And, does it matter? A frown appeared on her beautiful face as she asked. I shook my head and sat my butt on a chair that was close to the bed. `No, what matters is that you
e a vampire. She was shocked by my words and so did she assume a battle stance. `What are you? The scent lingering around my kind isn on you and so also does the scent lingering around the wolves not linger around you. Are you a hunter? She might have been scared but she didn display her emotion. `And, does it matter? I questioned her with a smile being displayed on my face.

Fangs sprouted, claws jutted out and replaced her slender fingers as she arose from the bed. Slightly black veins emerged from her face and her image became blurry as she came at me with her claws aimed at my face. I grabbed both arms without changing my position and twisted them. She screamed in agony for such action hurt her but I remained unbothered. I aimed a kick at her left leg and a bone snapped which earned her falling to one knee. I released her arms and stretched my right arm forward to capture her neck. No resistance was met as her neck was contained within my grip. I was still seated but she was on a knee, a huge difference between our strength. `Whats your name?

`Veronica. Please, spare me. I don want to die. She pleaded for she already knew she wasn my opponent. Few seconds went by and I didn give a reply. I knew I had to question her about the highest authority within Compton, so many things had changed and I needed to feed my brain with the essential information. Whilst I was deliberating, her image grew blurry as she sped towards the exit with the intention of escaping. A second away from leaving my sight, I had already appeared before her and scared was she by the unnatural speed. `Don think of escaping, I promise to not hurt you if you provide enough answers. My inner beast screamed at me and a slight ache assaulted my head. `Don spare her, Uriel. You know how much I loathe their kind, kill her.

I ignored Ulnar and questioned the vampire. `Who is the strongest supernatural within this city? Fill me in about every famous supernatural present within every corner of Compton. Say and leave. She doubted my words as she gazed at me. `I doubt it, I need an assurance that you wouldn kill me. I smiled in response before hurling a reply at her. `Don say and die, does it make a difference? Yes, it does. You get to live if you talk but you don get to if you don . Which would you prefer to choose? Life or death? She nodded her in approval as she spoke. `I choose life. Amenadiel is the real powerhouse within this city. Hes a strong vampire and hes lived for five centuries. You could as well say hes the oldest vampire around here and he got quite a huge number of minions, skilled ones. The witches around here fear him and hes gotten rid of a lot of hunters so practically, Compton is safe.

`What about the wolves? Is there any pack available around here? I questioned her as Ulnar urged me to. `The wolves are dangerous to our kind, their bites could as well end our lives. Amenadiel hunted them for years so very few packs are in existence due to the power of their leaders, the Alphas. The second most dangerous within the city would be Lucien, a werewolf. Hes quite a capable Alpha and hes friends with Amenadiel. He has a daughter, one rumored to be the most beautiful supernatural within Compton but she hasn found her mate. As Ive heard from a reliable source, Amenadiel wants to claim her, a rare event that has never happened between the two opposite races.

I was curious about how Amenadiel managed to stay alive for five centuries, it wasn an easy feat for a vampire to live so long without dying. `Does he have a sunlight ring? I questioned for I knew it was a rare item that only belonged to powerful vampires, an item that could protect them from sunlight and could only be created by extremely powerful witches. `Yes, he has but no one knows how he got it. She gave a sharp reply.

My eyes roamed her body and fell upon her fingers and I sighted no ring which meant she had no sunlight ring. `I have no contact within this city and youve proven yourself enough to be a reliable one. What about you become my friend? Ulnar screamed at me, once more and the pain derived from the ache was multiplied but I cared not about it. She seemed taken aback by my proposal and contemplated for moments before giving a reply. `Thats no problem but whats my gain? I shook my head in disapproval and I could notice a hint of fear displayed by her eyeballs. `Being my friend is enough reward. But, if you prove very useful, I might consider providing you with a sunlight ring.

`Impossible! Theres seldom any witch that could produce such a powerful artifact so how could you think of getting one? What are you? She voiced out her doubts. `Im not simple, thats all I can say. A rare feat was it to possess a sunlight ring for it was hard to make. It was a lucky encounter with a vampire I battled during the old days that got me to have it, part of the spoils of war I earned. `I still doubt you, though. Ill give you my contact so you can reach out to me if you have questions. I gave my phone to her and she did the necessary thing. After she did, I signaled for her to leave. After she exited the room, I locked the door and fell upon the huge bed, allowing myself to embrace unconsciousness.

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