(WARNING: Sexual Contact ahead! DONT read it if you are under 18!!!!!!)


Daniel pushed me backward and came closer to me. Again he was trying to seduce me. But why does he do that? He is my enemy. He even kidnapped me. He shouldn do these things with me.

As he came closer, my breasts started touching his body. There wasn any space left between us. I tried to cry for help but he covered my mouth with the palm of his hand. He moved his face near my head. And his lips touched my ears for a moment like a soft and short kiss. I knew he did it intentionally just to tease me. I could feel his warm breath touching my cold ear. He said in very low tone,

”Do you want me to do something bad to your pearly pet? Huh? ”

Upon hearing these words, I couldn do anything except listening to his trash talk and let him seduce me. I couldn let him do anything with Kiki.

He removed his hand from my lips and started running his eyes on my chest and then on my lips. He started smiling like he was looking at a delicious meal.

He put his hand on my waist and his whole body was on mine. I could feel something hard touching my lower tummy. I tried to push him back but he just said,

”Hey, hey, don resist. You can and you shouldn . Look! I can abduct you here. Ok? So let me have a taste of your lips. Come on, it won hurt you. ”

I was scared but I was feeling good too by hearing his words. And again, my nipples went hard as hell.

I said,

”Get your dirty body off of me! ”

He became more stubborn and by putting his one hand on my face he kissed me.

”-mmm -ummmmmh ”

I was moaning in pleasure and anger. It was a little moan as my mouth was sealed by his kiss. I was trying to move my head but it was a failure. He won stop even if I bit him or something. I don know why he was so crazy about my lips.

I again, tried to push him back but this time he held both my hands and pinned both of them on wall above my head. He was holding my hands by a tight grip of his one hand now and his other hand was on my waist pulling me closer and closer to his body. Although there was no space between us yet he kept on forcing my body to his and his body to mine.

I could feel his hard willy on my tummy and he could feel my hard nipples on his body. His kisss impact was so deep on me that I started kissing him back. I closed my eyes and then I was lost in pure lust of kissing him passionately. I don know why but I squeezed my thighs harder and harder and it was feeling really really good.

As he came to know that I was kissing him back, he let my hands a little loose. He stopped for a while, ran a look on me who was gasping rapidly, chuckled and started kissing me again.

This time he removed his hand from my waist and put it on my face. He was controlling my face movement.

As he started this kiss, he opened my mouth by pushing on my chin downward with his thumb. My mouth opened and he inserted his tongue in my mouth. I could feel his warm tongue rolling and rolling in my mouth continuously. I couldn help but keep on going. Daniel and I were moaning in this pleasure,

”-umhhh -mmm -mmmhh ”

He kept on kissing me straight for five minutes. Both his mouth and mine were filled with saliva. He stopped and by moving his hand from my face to my chest, he started kissing my neck. He was continuously squeezing my breasts. It was really pleasurable. My heartbeat and breathing rate were sky high.

He let go of my hand. As he kissed my neck, I started moaning with pleasure. In between I asked him to let go of me but as I was feeling so good, I wasn resisting and wasn doing anything to move him away from me.

Suddenly, he bit my neck. I cried in pain,

”-Ahhhhh!!! Stop it please!!! ”

He gave a last soft kiss on my neck and moved away. Tears ran down on my cheek as I felt a guilt and a little pain.

After wiping his face with a tissue from his jeans pocket, he folded it. He started wiping my face. The tears too. He whispered in a soft assuring voice while doing it,

”Its ok. Relax! I promise I won hurt you. For now that is. ”

He threw the tissue on ground and holding my face with both his hands, he smiled and bumped his forehead on mine softly. His eyes were closed as if he was trying to feel the warmth and love of this forehead bump. I couldn understand why he did all that to me.

He went away toward the exit of hostel saying,

”If you want your pet then come back to the place from where you escaped! ”

I didn even had the chance to convince him to leave Kiki or tell me which thing he wanted from me….

I just stood their crying in disgrace, guilt, hopelessness, anger and what not. What I did was so shameful that I couldn lift my head up and fell down like a soulless body. How could I let him do whatever he wanted with me?? How could I enjoy his filthy touch?? The answer was, for Kiki of course. But I lost all my self respect of not letting anybody touch me.

The place where I grew didn had any trend of dating, having affairs or even love marriage…. Maybe thats why I don have any confidence and courage to bear his domination.

I stood up wiping my tears. I couldn waste any time pondering over my loathsome city and its stupid rules that limited my activities. I couldn care less about Kiki.

All the story the girl told me had nothing to do with Kiki but Kiki and that monster had something common. They are mythical creatures. Till a day or two before Kiki, that monster and my cute friend just occurred as a myth, a fantasy….

As I came to my senses, I tried to follow Daniel but when I reached the hostels exit, he was already gone in his luxurious car.

I started walking toward the library. But I decided not to go near that weird place where I was being held captive or maybe Kiki is too. I went to library as it was prodigious and majestic library. In the way, I wondered deeply, trying to find the correct answer,

(It must contain all types of books and if creatures like Kiki and that snake monster exist then there must be someone other than me or those third years who encountered them and wrote a book on them. But how can I find the right book among all those thousands of books? Or maybe Ill try a book containing information about all the different portions of college. Or maybe Ill find methods to save someone from a seducing abductor…. I don know. ”Maybe the right way is to ask the librarian about these kind of books or search among the title list. ”)

”YES! This is what I should do!!! ”

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