The Zyr and The Lizarna

Beginning of Mysteries

ghter after all. So you should know. Is that a kind of new students list? If it is then why was only my name highlighted? ”

After a few seconds of being quiet she said,

”Relax! So what if the paper had your name. I don accurately know about those papers but I guess its just a list having new students names! ”

She chuckled while sweat began to pour out of her face.

This answer of her couldn satisfy me because she didn even tell me about my highlighted name. It just made me think that something is definitely wrong because she had uneasiness the whole time with me, again and again she tried not to look me directly in eyes as if she was hiding something. Whenever I told her about that paper guy, sweat came pouring out of her face. She stayed shut the whole time and whenever I tried to ask her something about that guy she would change the whole discussion,

”Hey! Maya want to meet my father? He is the Principal you know! ”

I nodded in yes thinking what if this opportunity of meeting the Principal in person doesn come again? After walking some steps, we reached near the stage where a big man was standing. He had black and a little golden beard as well as mustache. He had long silky hair tied up. He was wearing a black and white three piece suit. His boots were shiny black. A nice looking, decent man. He was the Principal. Rebecca gave a little intro of me to his father. His father said,

”Hi! Maya, Im Joseph Jenner, the Principal of this college. Nice to meet you! My daughter was talking about you last night. I didn know you were this cute. ”

I was again shocked to hear these words. I mean what is with this family? Why do they think Im cute. Because Im not. I just can be. I replied to him,

”Thank you for your kind words, Sir Joseph. It was nice for me too to meet the Principal of this majestic and famous College in person. ”

I immediately ask him about library, playground, water, food and about classes and exams, trying to show that I am a well-mannered and well-rounded student. After some talk, the ceremony started and I sat beside Rebecca. The Principal went on stage to give a speech. Hall was echoing with clapping of hands. In the end, all students were asked to stand up and hold the papers lying on the table in their hands. The Oath of being a doctor and helping the humanity was written on the paper. The voice of all students became one and the words of Oath were echoing in the hall,

”I am a student learning what I can to help all the humanity and creatures of this world. I take the Oath that no one will ever be hurt by me, no one in my presence will cry, no one in my presence will experience the consequences of a tragedy. I take Oath that my hand will protect the beings of this world from a little insect to the biggest creature of this world. May all of the Subjects of this world be in peace. May the God give us his guidance in every path we follow! ”

And hence, the ceremony completed. Delicious dishes were served. There were variety of food. From Italian food to Chinese food and what not. You can say that there were dishes from all over the world. I couldn taste all types of food but I can say that what my table was served I mostly liked the Indian Biryani and Gulab Jamun, Italian Pizza and Arabian Baklava. I was so happy to eat such delicious meal of my life. Anyways, I said goodbye to Rebecca and his father and went straight to my hostel. It was the day of ceremony. The classes will start officially from next day. The hostel is pretty near to the college. You can say that the two huge buildings stand with each other.

When I tried to sleep at night, I couldn help but remembering those unusual whispers and that man carrying those papers. I had to find out whats happening in this college. How could Rebecca not know about those papers? She is the Principals daughter after all. Maybe Im over-thinking….

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