Daniels answer couldn satisfy me. I didn know what they wanted from me All these thoughts made me more curious and uncomfortable.

(Maybe they want Kiki. But if they want Kiki then why don they go and search for it. Why are they holding me here even though I don have Kiki with me. And what if its not Kiki. I don have anything precious or valuable on me. I come from a poor family who can even afford its own expenditures properly.)

Daniel ordered his men to turn the lights off after he would be done with his conversation with me. He ordered all of them to leave Daniel and me all alone in the room.

Daniel sat down in front of me and after chuckling in a naughty manner he said,

”Hey, would you mind if I taste your lips. They are so pink and beautiful. So juicy and sweet! ”

How could he just say these words so casually? A fear of being made numb again by Daniels dirty actions, I tried to make him hate me by saying,

”w-w-wh-why are you flirting with me? I-I-I am not like regular girls! I am fat. No one loves me. Y-y-you shouldn love me either!! I am just a meatball. Leave me a-a-alone please! ”

I was stammering because I was so much scared due to all of the things that happened to me.

After hearing my plea, he sighed and said,

”Well, yeah, you are not like regular girls… And do you know I like to chew on meatballs? They are my favorite dish! Let me chew the meatball in front of me right now!!! ”

I made a mistake! I MADE A MISTAKE!! I shouldn have said that.

(What should I do to keep him away from me?)

I started changing the discussion by saying,

”Go and chew on that Rebecca!! ”

His face expressions completely changed. He got mad and said,

”She is my sister!!! So…. BEHAVE YOURSELF!!!! ”

(No… She is his sister???? Really? And here I thought she was her….) I felt so weird after hearing the truth. I wanted to apologize to him but why should I? He ABDUCTED me!

Daniel tied my mouth angrily by that cloth fallen on ground and went away saying,

”Its 5:25pm. Youll be free tomorrow at 9:30am. ”

They switched the lights off and it was all black. The room that was shining white before had now became so darker like a room in horror movies. I couldn see anything and closed my eyes.

Suddenly the whole room started moving. That was like a sudden earthquack. I got a bad thought of being crushed under the roof of this room. I tried countless times to free myself from the chair but all in vain.

After some time, the earthquake stopped. I was so tired. I haven eaten since morning. I should have asked Rebecca to bring me some food instead of shouting at her.

I somehow slept and the time went by.

When I woke up I could see a watch lying on a table in front of me. And two men were standing near the door. I murmured to myself,

”Thank God!! They did one good thing now! ”

It was 11:00pm. I slept a long time. My stomach was making noises now. Saying gimme some food, gimme some food and crying in embarrassment. Those men came forward to put some food on the table and heard my stomach crying…. They laughed…. My face turned tomato red in embarrassment. When the delicious smell of that food entered my nose, I started drooling like a hungry monster.

There was a big plate of Biryani and orange juice. I remembered the ceremony day.

(I wonder if Mr. Joseph knows what his kids are doing and are they really his kids?)

I was all ready to dig into the food. Of course that Daniel and Rebecca couldn let me die if they want that so-called thing from me. The guards untied me and they had their weapons right on my head so they could kill me at spot in case I attempt to flee. I said looking at their faces covered with white masks,

”At least, let me eat in peace please… ”

They looked into each others faces and then on me and nothing…. I thought my words will have an impact on them or something but no, nothing.

Anyways, I started eating delicious meal. When I was done, I thought about Kiki.

(I don know where Kiki is now or even if Kiki is free and enjoying its life or if poor little soul is under someones cruel cIaws. I can forget Kikis small and cute baby face.)

But I had to find him now. Tomorrow was still away. I just couldn sit there, having my hands one on other doing nothing and waiting for tomorrow…

The guards were getting ready to tie me up. Now, that was the correct time to show them my moves that Jessi had taught me before coming to unknown city for self defense.

One of them was getting the plate and glass out of the room while other was picking rope to tie me up. He put his weapon on the table for some time to tie me.

As he tried to touch my hands I pushed him with both my hands. And ran toward the table to pick the weapon up but he shouted and the other guard fired in air to give me a warning. Still I knew they wouldn kill me so I continued running toward that gun on table.

From the day I became conscious in this world, I had super strength. I can say I have power equal to a man. I am not just a fatty who doesn has any strength….

I succeeded in picking that gun in my hands. I didn know how to use a gun. But I did know how to scare people by a gun and make them piss in their pants. Now I was the one who gave them warning. I told the other guard to put his gun on ground but he didn . He had a strong grip on his gun.

I moved and put the gun on its owner. I tied his hands carefully by using only one hand of mine. Then I warned the guard if he doesn put his gun down then Ill kill the guns owner. I acted to push the trigger of gun just to scare them. Thank God, a real fire didn happen. I started to move forward slowly.

But I noticed a thing. Those guards weren making any noise or calling other people. As if they were saying *yeah get out of here. There is nothing good for you here. Just go away and well make an excuse that you had threaten us and got away…*

This was the most weird thing. I was just worrying and thinking, (Why would they not make any noise? Why do they want me to escape? Just what thing Daniel wants from me? Is the thing that he wants or that is going to happen to me that much scary that it turns my enemies to my sympathizers?

I didn had anymore time to waste. I took advantage of this opportunity and ran out through the door with the gun. I couldn lose the gun considering the dangerous path ahead…

And finally I got a little freedom.

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