Vampires tale

The red eye vampire

The rattling sound of the rain against the glass was subsiding and the sound of footsteps became louder. Thump! thump! It was getting closer and then it stopped. I don know how long I lay there listening for another sound when I felt a finger brush my cheek.

Okay thats when I started to panic, with all the mental strength I had I willed all the muscles in my body to contract, nothing, I felt it again, the light brush of someones finger against my cheek. I pushed myself up. There was darkness all around me where Im I? I rubbed the back of my hand against my eyes and then the fluttering light from a candle lighted up from behind me.

Instinctively I looked behind me: two blurry figures stood there, and when I refocused my vision on the figures I Saw two men. Their bodies were filled with countless tattoos and bulging muscles, putting on only pants and a hat made from animal skin.

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