Vampires tale

Seduction 2

King urus killed my mother when she refused to be his mate and he banned me from the royal home. Since then I hate king urus and have urged to kill him . King urus had a son, prince Marcus. only the crystal heart of a vampire can kill the king.

They took me to a small hut, later that night, seb came to me.

”Why don you let us do something nasty Aura ”.

He slowly pulled me close to himself and moved backward till we both fell to the bed. He giggled as I stared down at him with pure lust in my eyes. I couldn resist the urge, I wanted more. I stared at his neck I bit him and have taste of his fresh blood, I took more and more of his blood and I felt I was becoming wet down there .

Seb checked and reached to hold my cheek and said:

”Do it ”.

”Huh do what? ” I replied as my face went with embarrassment. He smiled and replied again

”Pull em out ”.

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