class, I would not want to get ripped apart by some newbie shifters. Looks like I am going to be paying the Dean another visit, but as I turn to see if he was still there I did not see him, only Tessa and some guards, maybe she would know where I can find him or how to get to his office properly.

”Hey there Tessa, please I am looking for the Dean and I do not know how to get to his office ”

”What is wrong ? ”

”Nothing, see I am a bit confused and I need to see him ”

”Well check your map you will find how to get to his office ”

Why did I not think of that in the first place

”Oh thanks ”

”Sure thing, and it is miss Tessa to you ”

As I turn to leave, I remember I am not with my map, well I will just have to ask her to show me the direction then, but as I turn back I see giant sized wolves running into the forest and I am sure as hell not planning on following them.

And then I saw him in a flash like I was with him, wait Jason said I could see the past and where someone was right, well let me test that

********Few minutes later********

Urgh now I am frustrated, who knew this was going to be hard when you try to use your powers on your own will

”Let me help ”

Who was that ?

”It is me Finn ”

Oh, hey Finn, sure thing, how do I do that?

”Firstly, relax your mind and ease your heart… ”

******Few more minutes later******

I did it, I think I found him, I found him.

Getting to the front of his door I knock

”Come in ”

He says

As I walk in I see once again the two brothers in the same position, the Dean sitting and his brother pacing

”What is it Kevin ? ”

”Uhm I was wondering, which class am I going to fit in tomorrow ? ”

”You will be staying in Zachs class ”

”Oh, thanks ”

”Is that all ? ”

”Yes, goodnight ”

”Wait ”

Professor Kristean calls as I turn to the door

”Yes ? ”

”We sent a message to our brother, get ready so if you get anymore dreams or vision or anything you come to us, okay ”

”Okay, goodnight ”

”Night Kevin ”

As I get to the dorm, I find some students still walking around and then I see Emma approaching me

”Where were you ? ”

She asks as she reaches my side

”Sorry, I went to see the Dean ”

”No need to apologize, is there any problem ? ”

”Oh no, it is no big deal, see you tomorrow ? ”

”Yeah, see you ”

As I get to my room, I recount everything that happened today

”Wow, today sure was overwhelming ”

As I close my eyes I drift off to sleep and after a few seconds I open my eyes but I am not in my bed neither am I in my dorm

”Where the heck am I ? ”

”In a dream, you should know by now ”

”Who are you and whatever you want I am sure I can not do it for you ”

I say as I turn to face the direction I was hearing the voice from. I see just like everywhere but where I am is pitch black

”Oh but you can, after all you, my dear dear brother are the seer ”

”Okay, who are you ? ”

How does he know that

”Im Justin ”

And then I hear a snap and see that everywhere is plain white now and I see his face, wow he looks just like his brothers but with a short hair like the deans and his is brown not black unlike professor Kristeans

”I need you to tell my brothers that I have received their message. Also tell them to prepare for my coming, I would not want to meet them unprepared ”

”Okay got it, can I go back to sleep now ? ”

”Sure thing ”

And he left, and then when I opened my eyes again I was back in my bed and once again sleep drifts me away.

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