Viskar AcademyReturn Of The Seer

Chapter 7:Shocking Arrivals 1

Jeremys pov

”How the heck did this happen, I thought he was talking about a danger from outside ”

Jason asks looking around

”Do not talk like this is the first time a new shifter is going rogue ”

I say getting a tad excited

”Well not one of those shifters decided to go on a burning spree ”

He says as his brain starts calculating how he was going to put out the fire, calm the massive beast, reduce the damage and not put any student in danger

”Whatever just tell him to stop ”

I say in a matter of fact tone

”I can not ”

He says which I find odd

”You what ? ”

”The bigger they are the harder to penetrate into their minds and somehow this one is blocking me ”

”Looks like I have to deal with this myself ”

I say as I turn to the creature

”Okay big guy I know you are confused and all but if you would please shift back it would do us a big favor ”

I shout hoping he could hear me until it decides to release another dose of scalding hot flame

”Wow big guy I did not say drown me in fire ”

”It heard you ”

Jason says after standing still for a moment staring at the fire producing beast

”Well why is it trying to burn me then ”

”It is confused and do not know how to stop it or shift back and it is trying to respond back but it does not know how to without its flames coming out ”

”Has it tried closing its mouth? I did not ask it to talk ”

I shout back as I face the beast once more.

Shifting halfway to let only my wings come out I fly up to its height but first I freeze its legs and wings and try to turn all this fire to ice

”Watch out ”

I hear Jason shout, and on instinct shift from my original position to the side

”Ok, now I am mad ”

But I do not shift completely

”If you can hear me and I know you can how about you shut your mouth for a while and stop spiting fire else I wll turn you into an ice statue and place you at the centre of the school as a sort of prize ”

I shout staring into its eyes. And then it stopped

”Good, now I am going to freeze your heart just a little bit so you can go unconscious for a little while ”

I say and began to freeze its heart

”Jason try again now ”

I tell Jason

”Ok, good idea ”

Kevins pov

Wow, I never knew the Dean could fly I say to myself as I see him spread a beautiful large sized crystal blue wings

”Wow look at him go ”

Matt shouts behind me

”Is he trying to freeze Katherine ? ”

Emma asked

But then when the fire stops I see professor Kristean walking towards her with his eyes on hers and then the scales starts to disappear, I guess he is talking to her with his mind and then the wings and then the tail all disappeared leaving Katherine to free fall from her former height

”What!!, its a she ? ”

I hear dean J shout from above her and dive after her, trying to catch her. And when they landed she was wrapped inside his blue wings. As he lands I see Tessa rushing with a cloak in her hands, taking Katherine from him she wrapped her in the cloak

”Now, we can all agree that was a bit fun but we would not want another burning spree or ripping spree so why do not you all go to your dorms and have a good night sleep after all classes start at dawn ”

As we all go to our respective rooms I could not help but think of what I was going to be doing tomorrow seeing as there was no class I could fit in, I could not go to the witches class since I am not one, neither could I go to the vampire class, I am not planning on being their breakfast or snack and I sure am not going to the shifters class, I would not want to get ripped apart by some newbie shifters. Looks like I am going to be paying the Dean another visit, but as I turn to see if he was still there I did not see him, only Tessa and some guards, maybe she would know where I can find him or how to get to his office properly.

”Hey there Tessa, please I am looking for the Dean and I do not know how to get to his office ”

”What is wrong ? ”

”Nothing, see I am a bit confused and I need to see him ”

”Well check your map you will find how to get to his office ”

Why did I not think of that in the first place

”Oh thanks ”

”Sure thing, and it is miss Tessa to you ”

As I turn to leave, I remember I am not with my map, well I will just have to ask her to show me the direction then, but as I turn back I see giant sized wolves running into the forest and I am sure as hell not planning on following them.

And then I saw him in a flash like I was with him, wait Jason said I could see the past and where someone was right, well let me test that

********Few minutes later********

Urgh now I am frustrated, who knew this was going to be hard when you try to use your powers on your own will

”Let me help ”

Who was that ?

”It is me Finn ”

Oh, hey Finn, sure thing, how do I do that?

”Firstly, relax your mind and ease your heart… ”

******Few more minutes later******

I did it, I think I found him, I found him.

Getting to the front of his door I knock

”Come in ”

He says

As I walk in I see once again the two brothers in the same position, the Dean sitting and his brother pacing

”What is it Kevin ? ”

”Uhm I was wondering, which class am I going to fit in tomorrow ? ”

”You will be staying in Zachs class ”

”Oh, thanks ”

”Is that all ? ”

”Yes, goodnight ”

”Wait ”

Professor Kristean calls as I turn to the door

”Yes ? ”

”We sent a message to our brother, get ready so if you get anymore dreams or vision or anything you come to us, okay ”

”Okay, goodnight ”

”Night Kevin ”

As I get to the dorm, I find some students still walking around and then I see Emma approaching me

”Where were you ? ”

She asks as she reaches my side

”Sorry, I went to see the Dean ”

”No need to apologize, is there any problem ? ”

”Oh no, it is no big deal, see you tomorrow ? ”

”Yeah, see you ”

As I get to my room, I recount everything that happened today

”Wow, today sure was overwhelming ”

As I close my eyes I drift off to sleep and after a few seconds I open my eyes but I am not in my bed neither am I in my dorm

”Where the heck am I ? ”

”In a dream, you should know by now ”

”Who are you and whatever you want I am sure I can not do it for you ”

I say as I turn to face the direction I was hearing the voice from. I see just like everywhere but where I am is pitch black

”Oh but you can, after all you, my dear dear brother are the seer ”

”Okay, who are you ? ”

How does he know that

”Im Justin ”

And then I hear a snap and see that everywhere is plain white now and I see his face, wow he looks just like his brothers but with a short hair like the deans and his is brown not black unlike professor Kristeans

”I need you to tell my brothers that I have received their message. Also tell them to prepare for my coming, I would not want to meet them unprepared ”

”Okay got it, can I go back to sleep now ? ”

”Sure thing ”

And he left, and then when I opened my eyes again I was back in my bed and once again sleep drifts me away.

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