Wanting Ella

1. Kāishî

The beginning is always today. Mary Shelley.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

In and out.

Ella opened her eyes and stared at her laptop screen again, eyes fixated on the eight-letter word in large blue letters.


She practiced her breathing exercise again, closed her eyes, exhaled, and opened them. But the word was still there, from the very same sender with the same congratulatory note underneath it.

”I got it. ” She whispered almost disbelievingly.

Heart pounding fast she felt her cheeks split from ear to ear as she grasped hold of reality again.

She squealed this time and fist-bumped the air. ”I got it! I got the job! ” Holding her laptop close to her chest she settled back on the plush rug on her bedroom floor, heart still racing wildly and her brain already working out the details of what this meant for her.

”Im moving to New York. ” She whispered unbelievably yet smiled again and began squealing lying on her back and kicking her feet in the air. ”Im going to New York! ”


Margaret Hart was not happy. It didn take an expert to figure that out.

After relaying the news of being accepted to work at a major company in the big city, Ella had received a hug and a kiss from her father, congratulatory words and ones of encouragement.

Her mother however had been staring at the flowered patterned vase and the blooming Irises in them like they were suddenly the most interesting things in the world. But if her scowl became any deeper, the flowers will wilt from its intensity.

”Mom? ” Ella started cautiously. ”Aren you going to say anything? ”

She counted in her head and prayed that her mothers answer was beneficial to her.

After what seemed like a lifetime of counting and praying. Her mother finally lifted her gaze away from the vase, perfectly coiffed hair as dark as Ellas own softly swaying, her green eyes so unlike her own though seeming to pierce through her very soul.

She exhaled and closed her eyes. Ella knew what was going through her head at this point. The same thing had also plagued her thoughts weeks before finally deciding to send in an application letter and the weeks after.

A single glance at her father and he nodded seemingly grasping the situation. He grabbed his newspaper and coffee mug and left the living room but not before kissing Ella on her forehead and whispering how proud he was of her. Ella read the remaining unspoken words behind his meaning. Im proud of you for letting it all go.

Nevertheless, the words still brought a smile to her face and tears to her eyes.

She sat beside her mother on the loveseat, her eyes not fixated on the vase or the flowers, but the painting hanging above their fireplace.

It was the Chinese character for the word eginning. Kāishî it read.

Her parents had procured it during a trip to China.

Ella always found it fascinating. And now she finally saw the meaning behind the word. Beginning: to start afresh or start something new.

Getting a job and leaving Connect

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