A prophecy about a world-ravaging war is not a good sign. That is indeed true if all the respected fortune-teller dragons tell the same way about it.

Braighyss, the king of the Woodland Realm, was sure that peace was about to end. The Dragon Realms had lived next to each other without greater conflict for too long, forcing themselves to respect another realms precious lands with all its earthy treasures. Dragons were always destined to fight each other through endless generations.

But King Braighyss did not want that war to take away his only child. With the queen, they were awaiting the hatching of their offspring when the rumours first appeared. Soothsayer after soothsayer said the same story all over the realm. The War between the six Dragon Realms was inevitable.

King Braighyss ordered the castle walls to be fortified and the number of guards to be tripled at all times.

However, fate was not to be so easily evaded. The king and queen of the Woodland Realm were found dead only a few days after the prophecies had reached them. Their egg was said to be crushed by the killer.

The assassin was never found.

Seven years had passed since the death of the king and queen, but the Woodland Realm still had no official heir on its throne. The peace was still intact, but another realm attacking the weak administration was only a matter of time.

Great disasters started to ravage the other Dragon Realms, taking the life of many dragons. The Fire Realm fell to a volcano eruption, devastating the dragon population and the royal family. In other Realms, natural resources were tight, and diseases appeared out of nowhere.

The leaders of the six Realms now try to rule in midst of chaos, trying to claim the Woodland Realm as theirs. The War is getting closer, as the prophecies had told.

In the shadows, another prophecy had started to circulate among the curious dragon ears of each Realm. A prophecy about a monarch that finally ends the wars between dragons once and for all. A dragon, as mighty as the Elders were before the birth of dragonkind, who brings a new era to Draonia.

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