Razzaq was not happy to end the life of another fellow dragon that day.

But traitors had to be punished.

The dragon with red scales was shivering in fear. He was repeating the same thing: ”Please, have mercy, Your Highness! ” He was begging for his life after everything he had done.

”My mercy, huh? ” Razzaq echoed. He stepped closer to the red dragon, who was already kneeling at the end of the chamber, where he was furthest from Razzaq. Chambers like this were usually kept for prisoners – a small torch was the only light source, reflecting on the blackstone walls. The whole room was carved deep into the mountains, just like the Forge.

”You stole resources from the Forge, ” Razzaq growled with disgust on his face. ”You thought a spy like you could fool me and do this behind my back. ”

The kneeling dragon was breathing fast, looking down to the ground.

”Im… ”

His word never left his mouth, as Razzaq kicked him in the head. The red dragon rolled on the blackstone ground and hit the wall.

Razzaq then grabbed his neck with his talons and stood him up.

”My Forge is a fortress. My Mountains are my territory. Everything within it is mine. ”

He tightened his grip and the red dragon was screeching now. He was panicking, trying to call for help, but no use. The chamber was deep inside the mountain and many levels below the Forge, where dragons of the Sky Realm worked hard to smelt iron and forge them into weaponry and armoury.

It was the biggest forging station in all of the Six Realms, making hundreds of tools every day. The Molsith Mountains, where most of the Sky Realm was located, had many materials and treasures within its peaks to supply the smithing masters.

However, the natural gifts of the mountains attracted many other Realms attention. The Sky Realm was at a whole other level in terms of war weaponry compared to them. Which is why such tight rules were the number one priority in the Forge.

Even if anyone had heard them in the deep chamber, no one could have disobeyed the Sky Realms future heir, Prince Razzaq. All the workers knew their punishment would be death if they decided to keep the mountains resources for themselves. Razzaq would let the guards do the job of executing them for their own entertainment.

But this particular dragon caught his attention, and he personally came to his cell.

”My treasures attract many thieves, ” Razzaq continued. ”But others tell me you were handing my metals to someone else. Someone you were meeting with at the coastal borders of our Realm. Who sent you? ”

The red dragon was mumbling inaudible words, but none of those were names of any other dragons.

”Hhh… Ple… s… ”

Razzaq was by this point losing his little patience. He relaxed his talons around the dragons neck, who was now on the cold ground again.

”I will ask one last time, ” Razzaq uttered. He felt a hot sensation in his throat, which could be released at the prisoner at any time. And the prisoner very much knew that a fireball was about to roast his face.

”The… Sno… ” the red dragon mumbled as he was still gasping for air.

”What was that? ”

”The Snow Realm… Thats where they sent me from… they said I would be killed if I didn come. ”

Of course. Razzaq could feel a sinister smile appear on his face. He suspected that this was going on. The Snow Realm was once again jealous of their precious materials. Or whats more, they were also sensing the coming of a great war. And they are trying to get ready for it at any cost.

”The Snow Realm. Now I understand everything. ”

Razzaq grabbed the other dragon by the neck again, and threw him out of the chamber. Two armored guards were already at the entrance of the chamber, pointing their spears at the traitor.

”Do we kill him, Your Highness? ” one of the guards asked Razzaq.

”No, I have something else planned for him. Lead us to the Northern Entrance. ”

The four dragons went through many tunnels that lead from one point of the mountain to the other. The guards pointed their weapons at the red dragon all the way through, but Razzaq knew he would not dare escape or fight back in his presence.

Light at the end of the tunnel appeared a while after. At the end of it, a wide balcony opened to the outside world. They were high above sea level on the stone balcony, where the peaks of the Molsith Mountains were visible, and continued to the horizon. Chilly wind blew towards them, which had great power at such height.

The guards dragged the traitor to the edge of the balcony.

”Tell Ituthel and the other Snow Realm scumbags, that if they want their war, they will get it from me. But promise them that it will be the very last war the Snow Realm had ever fought. ” Razzaq rumbled the words, cutting through the harsh winds noise. The red dragon nodded in confusion, and Razzaq assumed he understood the message he was supposed to deliver.

Razzaq turned away, and the guards let to of the traitor dragon. He started to fall into the great deeps below, but gathered enough power to open his wings. After a few weak swings he was flying away towards the endless tundras of the Snow Realm.

At the entrance of the balcony a third guard appeared suddenly.

”Prince Razzaq, the King urgently wants to speak with you. ”

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