We Judge And The Chaos Begins

The Character Of Thomas Shelby:

Mr Bee once again returning home from a shop,in his car,his phone rings,he attends the call:

Mr Bee:(chillingly): ”Asalam O Alaikum! Mr Bee speaking!. ”

A Random Women(speaking): ”Umm…sorry,is that not Jack Spare?. ”

Mr Bee:(answers and cuts the call while saying): ”Wrong Number! Hmmm…Jack Spare…like Jack Sparrow!. ”

(His head bings very badly as the car was gonna crash,but he manages to stop it right at the corner where Officer Swan,a 22 year old officer,was standing)

Officer Swan:(coming from back): ”Are you nuts! Guy? Open up the window!. ”

Mr Bee:(turns it down,the mirror,slowly): ”What seems to the problem,Captain!. ”

Officer Swan:(Surprised): ”Oh! God lord! Not you again,alright,now what seems to be the problem,you were just gonna make that old lady fly like the Dcs….oh! No,not again,sorry,what I mean to ask is what is the problem with you?. ”

Mr Bee:(speaking like intoxicated): ”The problem is that my ship was having some serious crashes by the hard waves,you know!. ”

Officer Swan: ”Ship and waves,really? Like,I mean I have to take you in,the next time okay,now I am giving you the most,final warning. ”

Mr Bee:(holding his hand and kissing it): ”Thanku mate,so kind of you,pitty me I can just kiss your hand,for now!. ”

Officer Swan:(removing his hand and then cleaning it quickly): ”Yeah! Okay,whatever,by the way who writes all this script,I mean with all that punctuations and all that!. ”

Mr Bee: ”Script and punctuations! Are you for real?. ”

Officer Swan:(takes a deep breath): ”Never mind! 3 dollars,this time,pay and try not to do this again. ”

Mr Bee:(checking his pockets): ”I don have any money,mate! And however,if I even had I was not going to give it to you. ”

Officer Swan: ”Why?. ”

Mr Bee: ”Cause its my rule,take what you can,give nothing back!. ”

Officer Swan: ”You are lucky,guy,this time.I will take it as a advance of that 5 dollars,three dollars were extra,right so the bill is clear,now please take your ship away from here and remember last warning was it!. ”

Mr Bee:(while turning the car and leaving): ”Okay! But this day,you will always remember,where you almost caught me! HaHa.Ha!. ”

Officer Swan: ”Huh!. ”

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