Maria POV

I feel like a caged animal, with everyone just trying to use me for their gains, sometimes I wonder if shes really my mom, Mary Micheal the ruler of angels.

looking at her I felt real pissed, and I also promised myself to be a better mother for my child, ”are you hiding something ” Mary said, sounding more like an order. looking at her ”I think I have the right to remain silent ” I said with confidence.

looking at me and shaking her, with an expression that looked like she was pitying me and latter shifting towards the scornful side. ”is it because of the life you are carrying ” she said, shocking not only me but everyone in the part room which had sight on.

”did you think I wouldn notice ” she said ”I didn get were I am today for nothing, why don you tell us the father of your child, maybe I can decide to let it live ” she continued trying to give me reason to say everything out.

I know the moment I call its father name, my child would be gone so the only way out is to buy time and find a way out of here ”Zhu yang ” I said not thinking much and giving the most plausible answer.

looking at me ”Zhu yang ” Mary said ”if I am right you never let him come close to you ” she said clearly trying to tell me am not saying the truth.

shaking my head ”I didn want it to go public, but since you figured it out and exposed us I will have to say it, I decide to do it with Zhu yang to bring fort a good heir for our clan ” I said, sounding like a good Samaritan.

”I think the solution is simple ” said felisha, it was not really surprising due to my thought about her been a snake in green grass, ”we just have to call Zhu yang ” she said trying to make her point clear.

”i don have a problem with that but his currently not in the clan and I don think he can make it back here in minutes, so if you don mind I would like to return to my residence for the meantime ” I said, sounding tired and stressed out.

”you can return for now I will call you back when I need you ” Mary said, with which I replied with a nod and existed the hall.

authors POV

”can we trust her ” one of the elder said looking a bit dejected, ”no ” felisha said ”we just have to wait for Zhu YANG to return and everything would be solved ”

mercy as the clan leader new about the politics and games of her clan, but she didn really care, her main focus was the father of the child. looking at her husband ”keep an eye on her ” mary said, ” are you scared ” her husband replied.

”no, just hope she did not do anything foolish ” mary said, her husband left the room without saying anything and as if it was normal no one raised an eyebrow it was like he didn exist at first.

maria POV

I don know why this is happening, but I have to stay strong and I can involve Liam now, theres a chance that they can detect any external communication means, so not to alert them I think it would be best to leave this heaven of a place before trying to communicate with him.

right now mercy is the only one that can help me out, don know if I can trust her with this, but this my last chance.

author POV

after deciding to use mercy help she started her journey towards her resident which was in thesame castle as hers.

mercy is just like a friendly neighbor, cheerful and charismatic in a way, she is currently the only true friend if Maria in a sense, and just like Maria shes one of the prodigy of their generation, though still lower than Maria in a lot of places, she has the appearance of girl in her twenties and also has a great affinity with affection. to out it shortly shes your friendly neighbor next door.

Maria POV

mercy has always been a cheerful girl sometimes she act naive, which I still find hard to believe, how can someone be so innocent in such a dangerous, can really say much maybe she has some kind of charm that protect her from bad guys.

reaching a door in the hallway, not too flashy but still good enough to show the occupant of the room has influence, ringing the door bell I was answered shortly with a tight hug from a very beautiful and cheerful girl, ”maria-san you finally decided to come see me ” she said happily.

”sorry I just had a lot of things on the table I hope you are not mad at me ” I said not wanting to hurt her feelings, ”awwwn if anyone were to see this they wouldn believe you could care so much for a person ” she said, smiling ”can I come in ” I said.

”sorry for my slip up, I was just too excited ” she said while holding her ears, I would have preferred that she use the time to welcome me in, but what can I do, but hope for the best.

”oohh I forgot, please come in ” she said in a hurry, while bowing down repeatedly, if my reflexes weren good I would have already been head-butted .

taking in a deep breathe I walked in hoping for the best.

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