Riko POV – I turned around completely consumed by rage and not so surprisingly the perpetrator was James, on James face a big hand print which I presume is mine. I could see his lackeys getting up and ready to attack.

But surprisingly James dismissed them saying, no need to get worked up now I like wild cats. He slowly came closer to me and I backed up but he trapped me between. himself and a wall, he whispered into my ear, Ill get you and make you regret doing that. I was so irritated and planned to push him but I stood right before I got a chance. He finally left the cafe that too chuckling like a maniac.

I finally got a breathing space, I got to the counter trying to calm down all the raging anger inside me.

Are you ok, did he hurt you princess asked Riko, Im fine Riko replied. I should be the one asking that question anyway did that idiot hurt you, no Im fine thanks to you .

Riko I think you should take a few days off she said, and why should I suddenly take a day off Riko replied, the boy that you had a scuffle with his father is the vice Mayor of town A, anyone who goes against him either goes missing , ends up in the hospital or gets run out of town and I won want anything bad to happen to you Riko said princess. Riko finally understood her point but been his stubborn self he decides to dismiss her advice. Riko continued the day like nothing happened.

later that day Riko was summoned to the Managers office, he was confused since he knew being summoned to the office meant trouble.

Riko knocked the door and prayed that he wasn in any trouble.

Manger- come in

Riko – sir you sent for me

Manager- yes and I have received a complaint towards you from a customer, Im sorry to say your help will no longer be needed here.

Riko – sir I didn do anything wrong

manager-so you are insinuating that he was lying.

Riko – you mean you are firing me because of that spoilt brat I was only defending.

manager- even if you were defending yourself , you should have not messed with him, you see kid in life people in power get what ever they want and people like us follow their every wish without question.

Riko -you mean I should have let him and his lackeys misbehave with me and princess.

manager- no not at all, because I like you kid I advice you leave town for awhile or even better forever for your own good. It was nice having you around Riko.

Riko – thanks for your concern sir, bye sir.

Riko left feeling sad , he made a promise to himself to make James for all he has done.

Riko greeted everyone a final good bye and left work disoriented.

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