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The rally points is either aiding, or lands, aiding another kingdom when they are being attacked by elven creatures, dark challengers, or dark elves, or clearing dark elves for the rally gates. ” the land is twenty miles great spot for a rally gate, said. Ceada, ” your first clearring there is also dark elves there. Said, Sumina. ” is your call Seldanna? Asked her mother and father, ” we ride, and clear, it be a four-day rally and a four-day slumber, said. Seldanna, ” we see you when you return, they walked out, ” tower guards who will protect the city and Castle while our queen and knights out rallying? Asked. Aubron, Kali, Jastira, Alias, and Saida walked up and bowed to her, ” we will my war queen. They all said, ” thank you my friends i trust Richwood kingdom in your hands, war knights mount up we on are first rally, see you soon mother and father, they got up on the castle gate bows and arrows ready. They got up on their horses and galloping out the of gates, every war new kings and queens out on rally point, every protection new kings and Queens are out on a rally protection details, while peace is in their kingdoms tending to the people of peace, this small elven peace or protection peace, war peace is coming to an end as the first male king and family members and people are moving to the lands of elven, Isguard is about to have their first unwelcome, Richwood is fifeen miles from home, at that crossroads. ” Darshee ride out. Said, Seldanna. ” war my war queen war Scouts lets ride, they galloped down the hills as they followed, Theodas and his knights is coming out of the woods as they crushed into them. ” bloody war move your arse out my way! said. Theodas, but out the corner of his eyes he spots her, the war queen of Richwood, Seldanna. ” she is war beautiful, she is going to be my wife and the mother to my kids, said. Theodas, ” my war king you already sizes her as yours, whats your orders? we can go off rally, said. Drannor, they bucked, and pushed by them, as they proceed on the rally, ” I run into her my future wife and due time, as the winds are picking up, Seldanna turns into one of her sisters, the war queen Symina, ” hi i am The war queen Symina of puddle wood, halt. Said, Symina, ” nice to meet you, i am the war Queen of Rich wood, said. Seldanna, so both war queens ride together on the rally, protection is out aiding the lands, when they come across a pack of wild dogs, ” there is a small elven village. Said, Shaerra, ” those wild dogs are attacking them, said. Yalanue, ” we run a protection rally gate to the village to the castle. Archers protection details, protection Calvary and infantry protection start, they for the star, as the protection archers load their crossbows, they ride full force pull out their blades, Aeson and his knights just ride up, their rally point is west and 8.7 miles, ” looks like protection got wild dogs, said. Aeson. ” what you want to do my war king? asked one of his war chieftains, ” we can go off rally but lets aid anyway move out, said. Aeson, they galloped to aid Protection, they take all of the dark elves, the new protection queen thank him, and Aeson went on his way, it has been a full day and the new elven rulers got their gates up and headed back home to eat and get some sleep. The four friends said their goodbye, and the new war queen Seldanna arrived back in Rich wood when the new peace queen Sillavana and her parents walked out of the castle, ” looks like the three-day rally was successful, Theodora and Aubrons daughter has to returned, said. Pywaln, ” the new war queen, they do not protect, or aid Sillavana the go out a rally to put up rally gates to build retire cities out of lost cities, if you need aid you need to call on protection kingdoms or our own who have a peace patrol army, you understand? asked, Nambra. ” a bit so they fight the threats right is that why they go on Rallies? ” no, they are at war sometimes, but not all the time, war can be without us, but we need war to rally to get rid of dark elves, wild dogs, Peakas, and Dockaas that is it, we need protection to aid us on their protection details, sometimes we count on our own said, Pywaln. They ride inside the castle, and Theodora and Aubron walked up to them, as they got off their horse, ” go slumber my knights, who next to us, said. Seldanna, the war kingdoms are slumber for three days, the leaves n the trees returning brown, and falling off the trees, Autumn came and went like the command winds, this season it is time for the next rally and marriage challenge, where all the war kings, protection kings, and peace kings to find their war queens, protection queens, and peace queens. the human male as settle on the banks of Sherwood now call Asguard, al of the war kingdoms is wakened and with their warheads, and Scotchwood, ” now my son time you find your war queen to be your wife, and new rally, said. Halflar, ” I have found her father she is beyond war beautiful, said. Theodas, ” where is our king going next, what is her name Theodas? Asked. Nambra. ” I don know her name but if I wish to open a marriage challenge it be with her, said. Theodas, ” the war king next Rally is next to the war queen of Rich wood, in fact, it is the same land, said, Nhamashal Vajor. ” what is her name, ” Seldanna Dayra the daughter of Aubron and Theodora Dayra, he answered, ” its a four-day rally, ” when we get back I will have her parents permission to offer a marriage challenge and a new wife, and slumber for six days, said. Theodas, ” the castle is yours you are the new war king and will retire in the city, said. Halflar, ” good luck and safe war rally, when you get back we will send Rich wood an invite here so we can marry you, said. Nambra, so they left the castle again,

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