they growing so fast

few days ago the first war infants is a year old and crawling around, the war queens is with their second baby, the war queen of Rich wood Seldanna and the war king of Scotch wood Theodas is with their second a son which he named Theodmer, Sana their first born is crawling with the other infants, ” i believe our little one is making friends, said. Theodas, ” war indeed my love, and Mont wood the war queen Symina and the war king Aeson is wih their second daughter which he named, Arilemna, there first born is crawling around in the room, ” where you going my daughter. asked, Symina, ” mother you having my little sister i getting out of the way, said, Aeson. in Bird wood, the war queen Dasyra and the war king Delmuth is with their second daughter which he named Sorisana, Saphielle is chatting way, ” aw Saphielle what are we talking about today, asked. Delmuth, in Plum wood the war queen Amerca and the war king Garrik is with their second a daughter which he named Kaylin, even farther down in gold in the war kingdom of Flint wood war queen Laerdys and war king Adorellan is having their second son Ralnor, Vasstan crawling on the floor, ” your brother not here yetb son where you going off to? asked. Adorellan, he pick him up and kissed him, and Kings wood in the war castle, the war queen Shenarah and the war king Arbelladon is having their second daughter solana, and their first born is crawling and chatting around the floor, ” war Neremyn where you off to? Asked. Arbelladon, through out the lands of elven all of the war kingdom is having their second child, also out in the lands east of elven dark castles of Delmar is appearing, the Knight of darkness has place his dark knights castles every where, his dark challenger towards on every woods,and send his dark specters out through the lands of elven. Dark has plant his foot on the lands of elven. And Scotch wood their war chieftain of the war scouts walked up in bowed, ” war we got a problem my war queen. Said, Darshee, ” something dark just arrived on the lands of elven my war king, said. Drannor, they got up and walked in the war room with their parents. ” i had a war feeling that he was coming, said. Halflar, ” yeah but the other one is right behind him Halflar. Said, Aubron, ” you want to run it by us. asked, Theodas, ” we fought agianst him in rally, he hoes by the knight of darkness, and one he sends to attack is he, by the horn of darkiness, now there is time of rally you need to rally, how is the rally gates come along? answered, Halflar, ” they are wary mother, what do we do? asked, Seldanna, ” continue in rally my daughter and son-in-law, the rally comes first, said. Theodora, as the night comes, in the lands of elven is fast sleep, in their castles, it is time for all of the war queens to have their second child in the lands, every war queens where having there second baby, at the war full moon of elven the war seconds is born through out the lands,war is very good indeed, this was also the end of mid-Autumn their sons stayed with their fathers and their daughters went back to their mothers castle, now the winter days of winter as come to the lands of elven back in Rich wood they made safety back home, ” its war to be back home, said. Theodora, ” with two new grand war babies Sana and Theodmer, said. Aubron, they ride into the castle they walked inside of the sitting room and relax. After eating a wary meal of fish and rabbits they went to slumber for five days, meanwhile the lands of elven is being terrorized by the knight of darkness armies, if it is not that it is always something else, but protection and the world of males is aiding those who do not fight or has a army. All of the peace kingdoms are celebrating in peace this day. As the night skies came all is asleep, as the season change from mid-Autumn to mid-winter, as a blanket of snow covered the lands of elven,as a chilly cold front wipe throughout the lands, and Scotch wood Theodmer is up,Theodas put his armor on and pick up his son, ” war my son, did you have a wary good slumber, his parents entered his room, ” war morning my son and grandson, said, Halflar, ” war morning father, mother and Pappy and Grammy, said, Theodas, they walked out the room everyone is at the dinning table with their sons, ” we been war blessed this season our new war king war knights find their wives in Rich wood, we are merged with Rich wood now hopeful we will become one whole kingdom, said, Halflar, he looked at his wife, ” war indeed we have new war sons and new war daughters war is good here, they toast to that, every war kingdom toast and breaking war bread, after they fill up the war husbands and sons in the globe rooms talking with their war wives and daughters, ” ( war morning my wife and dughter how didn we slumber this night?) Asked. Theodas, ” (it was tirely to short my love, war morning my son,) Theodmer reach for her and Sana reach for Theodas, ” we see mammy and Sana at the Next Mid-Autumn, you know mother and father said something that got my attention Seldanna) said, Theodas, ”(mm what is that my love?) asked, Seldanna. ” ( when came we just be whole kingdom my wife, husbands and sons miss their wives and sisters,) said. Theodas, ” ( lets see how the marriages hold off first Theodas before making that move,) said, Seldanna, ” ( agreed, one day we will get you all to actually stayed here, got to go our war heads,) said. Theodas, ” ( same here be safemy husband love you,) said, said. Seldanna, ” (we will you besafe to i love you to my wife,) they went off the globes,

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