1000 year Regressor

I know your brother

A man and a woman can be seen talking while sitting on a bar counter.

”So how many times did you say, more than 300,000? ”

”Yes! Its exactly a thousand years, and it was just a thousand years ago. ”

A disco light-filled bar, in a dim corner, a man and a woman are whispering.

”Hmmm ” The girl with over exaggerated makeup and highlighted hair hummed to herself. Her name is Mu Hao. She said to the man; ” So this is how you approach girl like a big bad wolf, you first lay a bait for them while talking about such bizzare things and then you pounce on them when they are not ready ”.

”Everything I said is true. ” Wu Chen swayed the red wine in the glass and smiled.

”Really? You are not afraid that I will preach you for this? We only met a few moments ago, do you not believe that I can file complaint against you? ” Mu Hao joked.

”What can you even do? For me, everything will reset tomorrow, no, to be exact, I am a person with no tomorrow. When I wake up again, we will be strangers. ” Wu Chen said while shrugging.

”Liar! Have you ever tried to stay up late? Like not sleeping for whole night. ”

”I tried, many times, but I will somehow fall asleep like someone put a spell on me and I can control it. ”

”Cut it ~ I don believe you. ” Mu Hao said and she ignored Wu Chen and looked down at her phone.

She had an appointment with her friend today, so she came to enjoy together. But she arrived early as a result, she has been here for more than an hour, and her friend has not come yet.

It was Wu Chen who suddenly came over to talk to her. Mu Hao was feeling bored so she joined him for a conversation and chatted with Wu Chen for a while, but did not expect Wu Chen to be a mental case, claiming to have been reincarnated for a thousand years or something.

”Your friend will not come. ” Wu Chen said in a little lower voice.

”Hmmm? ” Mu Hao looked up and blinked. ”How do you know my friend? ”

”I have said already, this day is like a repeated telecast for me, and nor is it the first time I see you, this bar is where I often come, I know every guest present here today. ” Wu Chen smiled and took a sip of wine.

”Why didn my friend come? Do you know? ” Mu Hao tried to smear Wu Chens lies.

”Her boyfriend came back suddenly and gave her a surprise, so she couldn come. ” Wu Chen said, looking at the watch. ”In an exact minute, she will call you and tell you that she can come. ”

”Accurate to the second? ” Mu Hao said, looking at the phone time, and then said: ”Now it is a deal! Good! I will wait for a minute, if she does not call me, then I will see how you escape! ”

”Good! ” Wu Chen turned his head and raised the glass of wine against Mu Haos.

Mu Hao and Wu Chens cup clicked.

”Hey? You just said that you have slept with all the beauty of the city, is it true? ” Mu Hao asked again.

She is also feeling bored, and has nothing to do , and it is very interesting to listen to his neurotic stories.

”Yes, I have slept with all the beauties ” Wu Chen nodded.

”But you only have one day to get to know them, is one day enough? ” Mu Hao still wanted to smear Wu Chens lies.

”Of course one day is not enough to make them sleep with me, therefore I need to understand them first. ”

”For example, I used five days to fully investigate a girl. Although five days were repeated in time, she didn know me on the sixth day, but I already knew her interest, professional outlook, etc. . ”

”So when I met her again, what I showed would make her think that I am her true destined lover. ”

”In fact, there is a benefit to repeating days. That is, I can make mistakes infinitely. I don have to worry about leaving a bad impression. Among the many girls I have slept, the most difficult one to catch, I repeated for 36 days and made countless mistakes. But error is part of success, and at last I succeeded. ”

”You can talk really straightforwardly. ” Mu said.

Wu Chens speech is indeed straightforward. He doesn mind talking about such things in front of a girl, like talking about how many women he has slept and how to successfully catch them.

Because it doesn matter, everything will start again tomorrow.

”How many beautiful women have you slept with? ” Mu Hao asked again.

”In fact, there are not many. I am very demanding on the value of female .There are tens of millions of people in Donghai City, but there are only about 10,000 women with more than enough value. ”

”You have slept with over 10,000 girls? This many? ” Mus eyes shrank.

”Uh huh! ” Wu Chen nodded.

”I would believe in ghost rather than you, how can you lie so easily, really shameless. ” Mu Hao grinned again.

Wu Chen shrugged, he is still indifferent, Whether Mu Hao believes or not it doesn matter, he just wants to have a drink today, find someone to talk.


Mu Haos mobile phone suddenly started vibrating. She looked down and saw the news from the news source

[Jewelry robbery broke out].

She glanced at it and seemed to think of something. She then handed the phone to Wu Chen and asked.

” Look it is the news of a big robbery in the jewelry store.

At 9:30 this morning, the ”Jinfu Jewelry ” of Donghai City Commercial Street was robbed, and 20 million worth gold, silver and diamond jewels were taken away. Two clerk were injured.

The suspects was detected in the afternoon, One suspect is still free while other three were arrested.

This incident is on the national news and is repeatedly broadcasting and pushed in open.

Jinfu Jewelry is among the top three jewelry company in the country. Its headquarters is in the East China Sea. Su Ruiwen, the owner of Jinfu Group, is the richest man in the East China Sea.

”Well, what happened… what do you want .. ” Wu Chen glanced at the news.

”Look at this news photo, the last one. ”

”What happened to the last one? ” Wu Chen looked again.

The last one is Jin Fu jewelry owner Su Ruiwen shaking hands in order to thank the police for their action, standing next to Su Ruiwen is a wavy haired curvy beauty.

This is Su Ruiwens daughter, Su Qingying, senior vice president of Jinfu Group.

”Su Qingying, you should know her, the overbearing female president, graduated from Harvard, has her own luxury brand, and a strong female. ”

”I know, so what ? ” Wu Chen asked again.

”You said that you have slept with all the beauties of the city. ” Mu Hao said, ”Su Qingying is one of the best woman in the East China Sea. She is highly educated and highly intelligent. Even if your aesthetic standards are harsh, her value should be more than above your requirement? ”

” Naturally ” Wu Chen said, ”In the whole Donghai city those who can be compared with her, can be counted on one hand. ”

”Then have you slept with her? ” Mu Hao still wanting to smear Wu Chens lies, asked him.

”Of course. ” Wu Chen nodded.

”You lied! Today Jinfu Jewelry had a big robbery. Its the police or the reporters she is busy with all day all. How can Su Qingying know you in this busy day, and sleep with a stranger? She is too busy! ”

”Moreover, Su Qingying has very strong personality and potential, she is also know for rejecting countless pursuers, how much can you understand about her that even various well known pursuers are not successful but you somehow succeeded, what did you rely on to succeed? Even if you understand her, Its impossible!

Haha, nothing more to say! ”

Mu Hao said with a big laugh and poked the lies of the mental. She was very happy doing so.

”I will answer your second question first. ” Wu Chen said with a smile. ”Yes, Su Qingying is indeed very strong, but she has a fatal weakness that is enough for me to easily take her ”

”What weakness? ”

”You can guess, its very interesting. ”

”Bullshit! you are making a false mystery, she is so perfect, how can there be weaknesses. ”

”Then the first question. ” Wu Chen again said, ”Yes, the jewelry robbery happened, Su Qingying certainly has no time to know me, even if she knows me, she will not have heart or mood to sleep with me.

”Then what else you have? What else do you have to say? ” Mu Hao raised her eyebrows and revealed her victory.

”But. ” Wu Chen pressed his arms on the table and leaned forward with a smile and whispered. ”If I stopped the big robbery ”

Mu Hao was stunned.

”Today, is just one of a constant reincarnated day for me. I have experienced this day for more than 300,000 times. For myself. I knew a thousand years ago that the robbery will happen today. I have a lot of time. Repeated investigations were done by me, do you think it is difficult for me to stop the robbery? ” Wu Chen kept smiling.

Mu Hao said nothing.

”My logic has no problem. right? ” Wu Chen said and picked up the glass and gently took a sip.

”Good! Your logic is ok, but I still have a problem! ” Mu Hao was not convinced, so she was going to make a big move.

”What question, please say. ”

”Have you slept me? You said that you have known me long ago, have you ever slept with me? ” Mu Hao asked, and she flicked her hair backwards.

”No. ” Wu Chen shook his head.

”Haha, can you just admit your lies? Are you afraid that I will ask you, what characteristics do I have on my body? And maybe you are unable to answer it? ” Mu Hao laughed.

”No, you are not worthy, I am not interested in you. ” Wu Chen said faintly.

Mu Haos smile suddenly froze.

Mu Hao patted the table angrily and stood up, gritting her teeth. ”Do you mean to say that I am ugly? ”

”No, no, you are not ugly, but your makeup is too much, it looks like you have put various layers of foundation and stuff over your face it just looks too heavy, little girl, I don know what you really look like, maybe you are beautiful underneath , I don know. ”

”You– ” Mu Haos rage quickly exploded.

at this time.


Mu Haos cell phone rang, and she glanced at it. She was called by her friend, and she immediately connected the call.

”Oh, sorry, Awei my boyfriend suddenly came back and gave me a surprise. I can go to the bar to find you. I will invite you to dinner tomorrow, hey, hang up first, bye . beep… ”

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